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  1. GuineaPig

    More European Dates Confirmed

    Germany gets an arena tour.  The first since Dance of Death, I believe. MAY Sat 28 - Frankfurt, GERMANY Festhalle Sun 29 - Oberhausen, GERMANY Kopi Arena Tue 31 - Munich, GERMANY Olympiahalle JUNE Thur 2 - Hamburg, GERMANY o2 World Fri 3 - Berlin, GERMANY o2 World Tue 7 - Stuttgart, GERMANY...
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    I can't believe there's never been any mention of this fantastic band on these forums.  Easily the best metal band I've ever heard lyrically, have a great set of musicians and singer, manage to be serious while still creating fantastically moody and enthralling progressive power metal.  There's...
  3. GuineaPig

    Congratulations Ardius!

    .. on winning last month's Maiden draw. "Congratulations to Ardius who wins last month's prize and can spend the winter learning to play A Matter Of Life And Death on guitar." I hate you so much.
  4. GuineaPig

    Adrian's guitar stolen!!!!

    Adrian's new white Jackson has been stolen!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHH! Apparently after the Athens show someone jacked it.  But it's also a signature guitar, so anyone trying to sell it would probably have to paint and then scratch of his signature on the headstock. Shame, because that guitar was...
  5. GuineaPig

    Iron Maiden on Revealed (spoilers!)

    Great coverage here.  Really interesting to see the fans in Brazil!  WARNING : There is some live footage included, so don't watch if you don't want spoilers.
  6. GuineaPig

    Blaze on the Bruce Dickinson rock show... again!

    Looks like Blaze will be on again on May 23rd.  Hope they play some songs off the new album! Here's a high quality version of a new song, the Man Who Would Not Die. As Blaze says, "the definitive youtube video!"
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  8. GuineaPig

    Donington 1988 videos

    I posted the entire setlist from Donington '88 (minus Sanctuary), semi-pro shot, onto my youtube account graemecrackers.  It's a great show, the sound is very good, and I personally think it is much better than Maiden england. Here are some of the highlights...
  9. GuineaPig

    Best song where guitarist gets a co-write but not a solo...

    Had to think long and hard for a poll that had never been done... And then I had to think hard for what songs could go in.  My vote goes for the Mercenary, just because its a classic rocker that could of been off any of their golden age albums, and the solos own.
  10. GuineaPig

    A Matter of the Beast '07 ... icleid=464 Looks like this tour WILL have some surprises for the fans.  This is going to be sweet... My bet is : Children of the Damned The Prisoner 22 Acacia Avenue The Number of the Beast Hallowed Be Thy Name
  11. GuineaPig

    Into the Black Hole

    I found an interesting song the other day.  The song is off the album the Universal Migrator by Ayreon.  It's a sort of prog-metal album that's based off a lot of sci-fi.  I downloaded the song by accident (it SAID it was For the Greater Good of God) and for a while I thought it was Maiden.  But...