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  1. NickosRightFoot

    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Dance of Death and Isle of Avalon should both be mainstays In the maiden set‍. . Too many latter day songs have been ignored on recent tours
  2. NickosRightFoot

    The Wicker Man

    The video’s shit but it’s an absolute belter of a return from Bruce and Adrian and demonstrates exactly what the band had been missing for a while. Nicos drum sound is quality. Glad they stuck with Janick, hes helped write some of maidens best tunes.
  3. NickosRightFoot

    Dance of Death

    A song that has went from being a skipper to prob being in my top 5 over my tenure of listening to Maiden. Fave off ths album and one of my favourite post-reunion songs. It seems to be a recurring theme with myself and Janick related songs, they seem unassuming at first and then grow into...
  4. NickosRightFoot

    The Assassin

    I’m not a massive fan of The Prophecy but it’s still a far better tune than The Assassin. However that’s just my humble opinion ha...
  5. NickosRightFoot

    Maiden United

    Yeah just noticed that reading back a bit. A shame but it should still be a good day, the venues a 5 min walk from my house so it would be rude not to.
  6. NickosRightFoot

    Public Enema Number One

    Love the pre solo/solo, thought it would be good live but the only live footage I’ve seen on you tube was pretty shoddy.
  7. NickosRightFoot

    The Assassin

    It is songs like this that prove Adrian was right to go on his sabbatical. How can you go from Seventh Son to this? Prob Maidens cringeist song.
  8. NickosRightFoot

    Maiden United

    Really looking forward to seeing them at Burrfest in March. Amongst others, their version of Remember Tomorrow is absolutely immense!
  9. NickosRightFoot

    Are Iron Maiden fans really just paying customers?

    We are all “consumers” of their art but thankfully the product is exceptional! The band will make a lot of money from their tours but it is not like they are putting on half-arsed shows or releasing sub standard new material. They are truly passionate about their output and that shows with the...
  10. NickosRightFoot

    Your Maiden blasphemy

    I don’t know the timescale in which the song was written and produced but I feel if it had been written and nurtured over a substantial period of time then it may have overcome many of its flaws and the sections might have flowed a bit more naturally. Just has that “thrown together” feel about it.
  11. NickosRightFoot

    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Empire of the Clouds.... It has the ingeredients to be the ultimate Maiden epic but ends up not quite hitting the mark and sounds a bit s**t in parts..
  12. NickosRightFoot

    Album Elimination Thread II

    Piece of Mind - 115(+1) Powerslave - 305 Somewhere in Time - 126(-1) Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - 326 Brave New World - 74 The Book of Souls - 4
  13. NickosRightFoot

    Your Top 10 Maiden Songs

    In no particular order... 1. Phantom of the Opera 2.Evil that Men Do 3.Rime Of the Ancient Mariner 4.Brighter that a Thousand Suns 5.Longest Day 6. Ghost of the Navigator 7. Where Eagles Dare 8.Revelations 9.Poweslave 10.For the Greater Good of God