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  1. char_da_harlot

    The Agin' Canadian

    Happy Belated Birthday L.C. I hope you are still celebrating, hence the wild wind that blows!  Drink lots of Keiths for me!
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    I went to see the new Resident Evil movie in Imax 3D.  I heard bad reviews and a lot of people posted that it was horrible.  I liked it.  It was awesome in 3D.  It cost 17.00 buckaroos for one ticket.  All together with popcorn, 1 box of candy, 2 drinks and the 2 tickets....60.00 out the door. ...
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    How do you like your steak?

    Medium rare and sometimes rare.  Depends on my hunger mood.
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    Classic cinema - thoughts and questions

    I think I have seen dead ringer when I was 6 but I am not sure?  I need to buy that movie to see if indeed it is the one I rememeber?  That happened with the movie Psycho (seen it when I was 6 but could not fully understand it except it really scared the hell out of me!)  It was not until years...
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    any michael jackson fans??

    Could not agree more with you Onhell.  A genius he was indeed.  I was just listening to Thriller and said wow that still is a great song.  I was never obssesed with the guy but I loved his music and videos.
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    Classic cinema - thoughts and questions

    I love this thread "classic cinema" It's one of my favorites!  I like the fact that it's not with the "now watching" thread. It just makes sense to me.  I use it for reference.  Really......I do.
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    USA Politics

    Sometimes I think people are just looking for trouble and drama.  Why four blocks from ground zero?  The outcome of this will not be good.  I understand what you are saying LC and I could not agree with you more however some people are not as open minded and optimistic about this.  All they see...
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    Official Mod Squad Announcement

    Congratulations!  Your top dog now...well almost.
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    Hank Moody is my HERO!  Love that show (Californication). The first season was the best.  I am wondering what the 4th season will bring?  Hoping it's better than the 3rd season. In the process of watching the showtime hit "WEEDS" I am on the 5th season chapter 5.  I know a lot of people who are...
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    Roman Polanski arrested by Swiss police on 32 year old US sex charge

    Is it legal to rethink a judgement already given?  And if those pictures were taken after the fact on him being sentenced for the rape of the 13 year old can you use this against him fairly?  I mean cavorting around with teenagers verse rapping a teenager are 2 very different situations.  Also...
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    40 is the new 30!

    Happy Birthday my friend.
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Dude that's fuckin' classic!! LMAO
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    Happy Birthday Forostar and may you rock on forever!
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    anyone see the rush movie?

    This old hag fell asleep and did not get to finish watching it.  I watched it on the HD channel "Pallidia" It sure was interesting and I hope it comes on again so I can finish it.
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    USA Politics

    Great article as stated above, however there are somethings missing from it.  Most of those jobs are seasonal.  As for someone like me who was unemployed for 10 months I could never take a job that is not full time and be off for 3 months.  Also, you don't get any full benefits because it's...
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    Fat people

    Have you ever wondered why rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, beans, ground beef (not the 90% lean) and some fast foods are inexpensive?  It makes me mad.  Why?  Because when you don't have the money to buy the more healthier items like lean meats and fresh veggies and REAL fruit jucie and you have a...
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    Test your tolerance for stupidity!

    1:51  I read all the posts before clicking on the link and Perun's post stuck on me.  When that lady was talking, all that kept coming to my mind was RETARD RETARD.  I could not stop laughing.  Her hand gestures were just as retarded as her laugh......hahaha.  I have no idea what she was...
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    OFFICIAL tour thread. SPOILERS inside!

    Re: OFFICIAL tour thread. SPOILERS inside! Bootlegs moved to trade forum. Thank you Cornfed.  I'll try really hard to keep up with this forum.  It took me all of last week just to read what has been happpening here and I am still not done!  Ok, so back to the concert. What were Bruce's last...
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    OFFICIAL tour thread. SPOILERS inside!

    Re: OFFICIAL tour thread. SPOILERS of ALL kinds await you inside! I was also at this concert and man there was a butt load of people! So you were in the pit again Cornfed, I really don't know how you do it?  From my view the pit looked crazy. That whole section was rocking.  The only way I got...
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    Regarding tour spoilers - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!

    Spoiler alerts and Mods spanking the seems nothing has changed.  Still.  What would this forum be like with out the MOD SQUAD?  Insanity!