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    Your Ideal Setlist (using only one song per album)

    No consideration to length of songs or order. Just what I'd want to hear. 1. Phantom 2. Killers 3. Hallowed 4. Where Eagles Dare 5. Powerslave 6. Strange Land 7. Infinite Dreams 8. Run Silent Run Deep 9. Judas My Guide 10. Ughhhhh 2 AM???? 11. Clansman 12. The Fallen Angel 13. Montsegur 14. The...
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    Tears Of A Clown

    Well, I reviewed that song on it's own thread but, I'm ok with the intro. Also ok w/the opening riff that is very 70's, kind of Dio'ish. The tempo of the chorus & the lyrics in the chorus just leave a lot to be desired. All in all, the song is OK but, the chorus completely ruins it. It had good...
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    "The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

    I was there. I'm gonna wait for the video of it.
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    "The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

    I have this albums songs rated in 4 tiers. Tier A, B, C, D. EOTC is alone in Tier C, I don't know if it's great, good or bad so it gets it's own tier. #2 & 3 are interchangeable in tier A. So are 4-6 in tier B & 9-11 can be swapped in any order. 1. The Book of Souls 2. If Eternity Should Fail...
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    Death Or Glory

    In the 2nd tier of very good songs on this album. Like the intro but, for some reason, the guitar that follows sort of doesn't mesh with it. It's heavy & thumping but, pretty simplistic in nature. Then we go back to the trusted chords ringing out during the verse. This song, imho, was saved by...
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    Tears Of A Clown

    Technically speaking it is. Quality wise, it's amateurish, bland & far too short to be a riff in my book. What do I know, only playing the axe for 20+ years.
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    Speed Of Light

    Take away the cowbell & it's great. Speed up the main riff & you have Sanctuary. Has a very old school Maiden vibe to it. Catchy as hell Chorus. I don't know why people call it one of the weaker on the album. I think it's great. Mid tempo, this is what Maiden are now, and it rocks. The...
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    The Book Of Souls (song not album)

    For me, the best on the album & 1 of their very best ever. The riff at the 5:50 mark I think it is, immense. This is Maiden! Even the startup after the acoustic intro is incredible. The synths add to the atmosphere. Does not drag at all despite the length. Love every second of it. Maiden tells a...
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    The Great Unknown

    In the 2nd tier of very good songs on the album. Liked it very much from first listen. Love the build up intro. Not a huge fan of the quick drumming harmony portion. Similar to X factor stuff & Childhoods End type FOTD stuff. But, over all, this is a great song.
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    Empire Of The Clouds

    Still don't know what to think of this one. Sounds like some pieces fit well. Like the ensemble in parts. It just seems like certain parts repeat too much. Could have been shorter & not so drawn out. Hearing Bruce at the podcast in NYC last night, he said they actually chopped 3 minutes off it...
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    Shadows Of The Valley

    In the 2nd tier of great songs on the album below the opener, TRATB & TBOS. Hooked from the beginning & after the intro has a real FOTB album vibe to it. Judas my guide in particular.
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    If Eternity Should Fail

    One of the 3 best on the album that rank with the bands greatest. Reeks of Bruce's solo stuff but, fits Maiden very well. Like the lyrics, the harmonies & the bass/drum roll at the break.
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    The Red And The Black

    Initial impression was not good. After repeat listens, hands down 1 of the 3 best along with the opener & TBOS. And imho, ranks up there with the best ever. The initial listen, I hated the wooo's. But, after repeat listens, it's not as annoying as it seemed initially. It has that Maiden grind...
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    When The River Runs Deep

    One of three I skip. Nothing to do with what comes before or after it either. I like the intro. Opening riff is very 70's...kind of an 80's Dio vibe to it. I can absolutely live with that part. But, the Chorus tempo & the chorus lyrics are just totally lame. Maybe for another band it'd work but...
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    The Man Of Sorrows

    1 of the 3 songs I skip on the album.
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    Tears Of A Clown

    I'm with you. The 3 least liked are this, WTRRD & TMOS. All 3 are dull, no energy or passion. I still don't hear the riff everyone talks about. Based on reviews I had very high hopes for this. Very letdown.
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    "The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

    Regarding songs like Man on the Edge & Sign of the Cross how Bruce sings them well live & about playing Blaze era stuff live again. And he basically said that songs like SOTC suit his vocal style & then he kind of drifted talking about Blaze. Basically saying if he were Blaze, he would have...
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    "The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

    Oh, Bruce did answer a couple of fan questions about the rock n roll hall of fame & if they are ready to call it a career. His answers were that he'll probably find something else to do the night of induction if the HOF comes calling & at this time, they really have no intention or have...
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    "The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

    It started off pretty peculiar but, I think Bruce was just giving Eddie Trunk a hard time. First 2 or 3 questions Bruce just answered "Yep" to his questions. That dry British humor I guess. But, he did open up & was yapping it up pretty good. He didn't decline any questions or anything. Was...
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    "The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

    Attended the Bruce podcast with Eddie Trunk in NYC last night. A lot of no shows so general admission was possible & was able to get in. Good interview. Touched on a lot of topics. Tour, the illness, fan questions, etc. Pretty entertaining. He genuinely seems like a nice guy. They were both on...