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  1. Wästed The Great

    Things Just Got Heavy!!

    Another maidenfans birthday!! Heavy Birthday @Perun !!! Hope it rocks!!!
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    What Should I Listen To Today?

    I hear Per and Loosey saying this on the chat and I think it myself: What should I play next? So many songs, so many artists, so much to choose from. But, to make it interesting, what songs are never a wrong answer to that question? Rush, Red Barchetta (I believe SMX told me this is his...
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    ...Like That Of A Blade....

    It's a Birthday!! Happy Birthday, Perun!!!
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    "Gotta Have" Vinyl Albums

    My son has recently decided that vinyl is the next coming of awesome. Yeah, he may be a few decades late on that one :) However, we were talking albums and I was giving him a list of 'Gotta have on vinyl'. Here is what I came up with so far-- anyone want to list their top 10-12 'gotta have on...
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    When Would You Go? Choose Your Own Adventure!

    I used to love those "choose your own adventure" books when I was a kid. They are totally goofy and sometimes had really weird endings, but I didn't care. So, just for fun and to spark some conversation, here's my choose your own adventure: It's 2a.m. and your tequila soaked hangover can't...
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    It Can Be Over In A ....

    FLASH!! Happy Birthday!! :hbd: Hope it's a great one!! I think 17 was one of the funnest years of my teenage life. *Sorry everyone, I miss the calendar and apologize for any missed birthdays....
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    Happy Birthday, Loosey!! I'm so sorry that I didn't catch this earlier..... it is belated, but we are going to celebrate like hell today!!! Hope you had a great day!!
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    Because I miss them and no one has posted in them for a while, I'm going to be bumping some good old Madness soon.... Life has been far too sane. Please feel free to join in the Madness. It seems a shame to see H statements so many pages deep...
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    I Want A New Drug!

    I kinda facebooked this question, but what band is out there that I am not hearing that is epic and new. That is a hard one, I know, but what I'm wondering is if there really is one. Something newish (from the last 10 years) that is just amazing. Like how you felt about Queen, Maiden...
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    Cultural Osmosis

    Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, and they spit out some line or quote, that references a movie that you like, then come to find out they have never even heard of it, but they understand the meaning behind it without knowing where it came from?  It always amuses me how things...
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    MOVED: catched Bruce' beenie @ stuttgart 6.june2011 concert for sale on Ebay!

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    Where ever you may roam...

    Deano- Where ever you are: :hbd: Hope you are floating yourself down a river of Paulaner!!
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    MOVED: Foo Fighters

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    Confined To Eat Cake

    Happy Birthday to the Prisoner Of Maiden!!!! Hope you are out partying like a rockstar!!
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    MOVED: Check out PHANTANIMA!

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    I saw someone had posted a topic on Iron Maiden podcasts, but this is a 'general podcast' category. What I'm wondering is if anyone listens to podcasts, and what are your top 5 (if you even listen to that many).  I just recently started to play with this and haven't really found too much yet. ...
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    MOVED: Steel Panther

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    MOVED: You know you're WAYYYY to much of a Maiden fan when....

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