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  1. SirRobbins

    Has Maiden's online shop lost their minds?

    I recently made my first purchase on their online store since covid started and I got charged $67 USD to ship 3 t-shirts to the USA.... Last time I ordered, shipping ran me $13 to ship from UK to USA for shirts.... I really wanted the new FC shirt and a SIT tee and the shipping cost more than...
  2. SirRobbins

    My Maiden Top 10 (unusual list I'm sure)

    The lists are returning during Covid! I have spent weeks dissecting all of their albums and breaking down everything. So here is my very unusual top 10 Maiden albums with each song ranked based on my ratings here in the album commentaries. It will be in descending order from #10 to #1. #10 -...
  3. SirRobbins

    New (old) Iron Maiden tour shirts released

    The band have released artwork with tour dates for 4 shirts from their 80s tours. 2 shirts come from The Beast on the Road (New York and Texas shows), one from World Piece Tour (Texas dates) and one from Somewhere on Tour (Florida dates - Vice in Nice shirt)...
  4. SirRobbins

    Kerrang is polling for the best Maiden album

    If you haven't already submitted, here you go.... Will be interesting amongst the Kerrang crowd to see what is crowned king
  5. SirRobbins

    Any Happy Harcore fans?

    Anyone on here a former raver or secretly keeping the scene alive in warehouses on weekends? Here are some of my favorite mixes from the 90s....
  6. SirRobbins

    Great production, poor live sound

    Metal is a genre that usually amazes live more than the studio versions but it's not always the case. So, we know as Maiden fans that Somewhere in Time and likely Seventh Son are the best productions in terms of studio quality that the band have ever done but live, it's another story...
  7. SirRobbins

    Comparing SIT to SSOASS

    Ok. Most everyone I know who likes one of these albums also likes the other close by. They share many elements like POM and PS do... For starters, the production on these 2 albums is far superior to anything they have done. Somewhere in Time was so well produced that they could never pull off...
  8. SirRobbins

    Is Nicko ok?

    Rock n Roll ribs cancelled their block party on December 8th due to health issues. They said it wasn't life threatening but December 8th is a whole month off and they cancelled it for a health reason for him.... Their facebook page lit up with this
  9. SirRobbins

    2 elderly men sneak out of nursing home to metal festival

    Best read of the day!
  10. SirRobbins

    The REAL reason Bring your daughter to the slaughter was a #1 song

    So it may seem odd that this song hit number one on the charts but thanks to an analyst at forbes magazine, the mystery has been explained and may also explain other singles and album charting positions...
  11. SirRobbins

    Different takes on Maiden songs

    So there are LOADS of cover bands trying to replicate the band in most ways. I thought it'd be fun to hear and see some different takes on some of their songs. I'll start with a few great and amusing ones for Fear of the Dark
  12. SirRobbins

    Iron Maiden Eddie Masks!

    A bunch of new Eddie masks were just released for preorder including the first official Somewhere in Time mask and it looks awesome! I placed my preorder for it, expected September of this year.... Check them out here All Maiden licensed products (masks included)...
  13. SirRobbins

    Great songs with rubbish music videos

    Ok, let's face it. The 80s had the best music but arguably some of the worst video productions as well. I'll kick things off with one of my favorite Yngwie Malmsteen tunes....
  14. SirRobbins

    Preparing for Hurricane Irma

    I live in Florida and am carefully preparing for the storm. I am gathering all of my Iron Maiden memorabilia and storing it at my uncle's much safer home. I am also getting water and such but I need Maiden when I wake up and when I am in despair. lol This thing is a monster storm right now...
  15. SirRobbins

    Nicko and his jags

    I have personally met him at his rib shack a few times but never seen the blue one. He has a newer 4 door that he drives there.... Pretty cool when you figure his home is not some ostentatious palace like American metal bands homes are. Still humble, still down to earth, still fun and joyful...
  16. SirRobbins

    It's gotta be tough being Dave Murray

    I got to thinking this morning listening to The Thin Line Between Love and Hate, gosh it must blow to write songs and then never get to play them..... Dave's songs have a history of being played only briefly or never at all... that's gotta suck for a songwriter and a good one at that. (Between...
  17. SirRobbins

    Singles, classics, and the focus of set lists

    So I have been thinking.... Many refer to frequently played songs as classics.... when I look at these so called "classics", one thing becomes apparent. They were mostly all singles. None of them seem to be songs that were not a single. What makes Maiden choose a single over other songs on the...
  18. SirRobbins

    Maiden Music in TV and Movies

    Have you ever heard Maiden songs in any movie or TV show? I am aware that "Only the Good Die Young" was in an episode of Miami Vice but are there any other film or tv spots you can think of that featured Maiden music?
  19. SirRobbins

    Best Iron Maiden Chorus?

    Lets face it, many maiden songs have repetitive choruses (thanks Harry) but there are some that are truly beautiful or brilliant... I have a top 5 choruses.... they don't need to have lyrics as we know many don't... 1. Only the Good Die Young 2. The Thin Line Between Love and Hate 3. Hallowed...
  20. SirRobbins

    The Best Chorus in Metal?

    What do you think is worthy of being crowned the best Chorus in the world of metal? A compilation of guitar work, vocals and possibly masterful lyrics... This is my vote here. Would love to see others.. Hard to beat this IMO though