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  1. Sebas-hero1995

    Maiden in Mexico

    It has been a while since I last posted, but now I have to. Tomorrow I'm going to Iron Maiden for the first time in Mexico City!!!! I'm soooooooooooo excited... And the setlist is awesome!
  2. Sebas-hero1995

    Palestine as a state in the UN The page speaks for itself...
  3. Sebas-hero1995

    Fear of the Dark played by an orchestra

    I don't know if this has been posted previously but it's awesome, sound very Wagner-like
  4. Sebas-hero1995

    Dilemma with Megadeth Concert

    Well, I was planning to go to Megadeth show in Mexico City this September 20th, but didnt buy them since I need the confirmation of an aunt that lives there to go. I was going to buy them this next week, but today I checked and there are tickets only for the pit, I wanted seats. Do you think I...
  5. Sebas-hero1995

    Colorado Batman incident

    There was a massacre in Colorado in the premiere of the Batman movie! Can't believe it yet! 12 people dead and 48 injured, that was a big one. And the shooter was crazy, thought of himself as the Joker and had bombs planted in his apartment so if he reached the building he could kill a lot of...
  6. Sebas-hero1995

    Mexico 2012 elections fraud

    Well maybe some people here dont know but here in Mexico we had elections and the Party that ruled nonstop for 70 years and that was thrown out of the presidence in the 2000 seems that won the elections. But there are a looooooot of proofs that there was fraud and that the PRI (that party)...
  7. Sebas-hero1995

    What happened to Maiden Cartoons?

    I mean, I think last video was posted in 2007 right? Did something happened to Val Andrade? Recently they updated the website with the news of the Maiden England North American Tour so that makes me wonder what happened...