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    Top three favorite trio

    There’s something very magical about musical trios I think. Great musical chemistry, powerful performances, rock solid rythmns. So who is your favorite trio groups? Mine are: - Primus: Les, Larry and Herb are some solid musicians, and they make very catchy and funky songs, often very funny as...
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    Pain Of Salvation

    I could not find a thread about these brilliant Swedes, so forgive me if there is one! Are there anyone else in here who love this band? Have you seen them live, how were they? For the last eight months, 95% of all the music I’ve been listening to, is Pain of salvation. I already found out...
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    Wish Maiden would re-release the back catalouge on CD

    Next year it has been 20 years since they re-released the back catalouge on CD. The multimedia parts are totally out of date, the covers are different from their originals, the first three albums have different tracklist... It's about time for Maiden to re-release their back catalouge on CD...
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    If eternity should fail co-written by Roy Z?

    If eternity should fail is a great song on the Book of souls album. It is also a different kind of opening song, that was originally meant to be on a Bruce Dickinson solo album that were not released. And it's easy to hear that this song could have been on any BD album featuring Roy Z. The...