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  1. Yax

    Unfavorable Iron Maiden album reviews

    This thread is a place to post unfavorable Iron Maiden reviews. I came across this gem on Allmusic, regarding Rock in Rio, by Brian On'Neill. "With the reunion studio disc Brave New World failing to recapture the imagination and intensity of Iron Maiden in America and even in many places in the...
  2. Yax

    The headphones and speakers thread

    So, we all listen to music on various equipment, and it might be interesting to share what we listen through and perhaps a place for casual recommendations within the community without the pretentiousness of the various hifi-forums. I've a few headphones, being a sound buff and all, but at home...
  3. Yax

    Rank Dave Murray

    Who is the best Dave Murray?
  4. Yax

    What if Maiden, Priest and Metallica made a joint album where they cover eachother's songs?

    This has been a long time dream of mine. Wasn't sure where to post it, but I'm sure Maiden chat will do? If they, in this hypothetical (as in will never happen) situation covered three songs of each band, which songs would you pick? Rules: Same song can't be covered by two bands and each band...
  5. Yax

    Iron Maiden live releases - Setlist, performance and sound. What's the most important to you?

    This is a poll to decide what official release wins respective category regarding setlist, performance and sound. I've included most official releases, but skipped on a couple (i.e. Monsters of Rock 1988, Live at Dortmund, Ruskin Arms etc ). I've not added different options for ie. original vs...
  6. Yax


    Are you guys wearing wrist watches? If you do, post pics. This is what I'm sporting today. As for me, I started to get into waches after I inherited a watch from my father in law. I think it's fun to dig into the design, historical and technical aspects of them as well as to just wear them...
  7. Yax

    Complaints about Maiden

    This is the thread where you can post as many off topic Maiden rants as your moods lets you. Have Maiden not offered their views on a political occurance? Why haven't Maiden forced Fender to release a Gers signature guitar? Why, oh why, didn't they include Total Eclipse on NoTB? Or are you...
  8. Yax

    Forum Games Supreme Court

    All rise, the honorable Judge Yax preciding. Verdicts are final and not subject to appeals, as this is the first and final court instance.
  9. Yax

    And happy birthday to...

    @Natalie Hope you've had a great one!
  10. Yax

    What are your hobbies?

    So. Apart from listening to Maiden, music and going to gigs. What are your hobbies? I've developed a fascination for watches and aquired a few the last 3 or so years. I Frequent a watch forum as well, although I mostly lurk since I'm not enough of a watch nerd to fit in really.
  11. Yax

    Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

    So, this is a 70's style hard Rock band from Nashville, founded in 2009, starring guitar prodigy Tyler Bryant on vocals and guitar, at the age of 17. They've started gathering a quite large following and have landed some high profile gigs, like supporting Guns n Roses on select dates. Fender...
  12. Yax

    The Book of the Final Frontier

    I have been thinking lately about TFF and TBoS. I think both albums have some really good songs, and TBoS in particular flows well as an album, but many songs don't hold up on their own. While TFF is a bit more direct and TBoS is a little more showoff/artsy many tracks on respective albums could...
  13. Yax

    Random Albums Duel

    Vote for the pair of albums you prefer (in the context of "you're on a deserted island yadayadayada"). The logic behind the options? There isn't one. Except there can't be two albums by one artist in each duet and I haven't selected any obscure titles.
  14. Yax

    Know anyone who wants to be the next ukelele/didgeridoo star?

    I have shaker wizardry to give away too but that's not the hard part for me to find. The ukelele player has to be a person who can ukelele-the-shit out of almost anything and fit a lot of images. I'm hoping I can you here so that we can record an album on my phone and make gazillions. You might...
  15. Yax

    Anybody up for a forum collaboration?

    I will handle production duties and could throw in some guitar and bass in lack other options.
  16. Yax

    Van Halen (Roth era) vs Van Halen (Hagar era)

    Some consider the respective outfits to be too different for a just comparison to be made. I myself don't agree with that sentiment, because similarly, the same thing could be said about Judas Priest with Ripper, Maiden with Blaze and Black Sabbath with anybody but Ozzy.
  17. Yax

    Inspired by "Favorite vocalists" - Favorite nutcases

    Ah yes, the endless world of weirdos. Who do you dig? Who tickles your craze? Is it the late Kim Jong Il? Maybe The Simpson character "Crazy Cat Lady", or perhaps George Lucas, who is in his own league of madness? Who are your top 5 weirdos?`If you decide to humor me and participate, please...
  18. Yax

    Blackmore's tribute to Jon Lord

    I just found this. Beautiful song. Blackmore's sense of melody and flow is, close to unrivaled.
  19. Yax

    The "post crappy live music performances" thread

    I'm going to start with two spectacular renditions by Meat Loaf. And, thirteen minutes of fail. My favorite part is around 6 minutes in, give or take a few seconds.
  20. Yax

    Paul is on it again.

    Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno lashed out at a fan for shouting Bruce Dickinson's name during an October 4 concert in Greece, calling the fan a "fa--ot" and dubbing current Maiden vocalist "Brucy baby." As Rock Overdose reports, Di'Anno's outburst occurred less than 15 minutes into the...