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  1. phantomoftheicarus

    System of a Down

    In a very small and brief statement on Facebook, SOAD have announced they'll be returning to Europe next year, beginning with a date in Finland! The statement is as follows: "We are excited to announce the first of many shows in Europe next year. First up is our return to Finland for Provinssi...
  2. phantomoftheicarus

    I just couldn't think of a title...

    So we'll all wish @Collin a happy birthday instead! Happy birthday mate! :hbd:
  3. phantomoftheicarus


    Great songs, great ability, great album and great f*cking band! Oasis were founded in Manchester in 1991 and famously included the Gallagher brothers as leading members. Leading band of the Britpop movement and wrote that song that everyone asks for when you got the acoustic Who else is a fan...