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    CTRL + V

    Pretty simple: Reply with whatever appears when you press CTRL + V In other words, your reply should be whatever you last cut/copied. No cheating :P
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    Most challenging aspects of making music?

    Before I tried venturing into making my own songs - when I was just listening to music - I would have said that the most challenging and critical aspect of making music is coming up with lyrics and/or composing a melody. The more I delve into making music though, other elements start to figure...
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    Are you an Audiophile?

    Just wanted to know if there are folks here that are the type to actively puruse that "ideal sound" in their audio equipment, would hunt down the most pristine recordings of their favorite albums, would prefer lossless over lossy digital audio and would spend hundreds (or thousands?) of dollars...
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    Band Names as Icons --- name all 48

    Begin! mustering what my brain can handle right now, I can spot: radiohead sex pistols smashing pumpkins the stooges flaming lips tv on the radio red hot chilli peppers? tool scorpion
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    "Coming Home" announced as Iron Maiden's next single.

    IRON MAIDEN Announce New Radio Single; 'Coming Home' Excellent choice imo! :ok: :yey: The song has an excellent blend of being infectiously catchy, melodic and powerfully emotional at the same time. The lyrics are some of the best that Bruce has ever written, the song is accessible, shows...
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    Album of the Week #3: The Who - Who's Next (1971)

    The idea? Just like LC's "Daily Song" thread but... ...instead of daily, it's semi-weekly/twice a week (yeah it's inconsistent with the thread title but AotW just works better than "album of the semi-week" lol) ...instead of songs, it's for albums ...instead of Iron Maiden, it's for everything...
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    What aspect of their songs has Iron Maiden been most consistently good at?

    I mentioned in my latest countdown entry that: So maybe one strong suit of the band in general are their solos. What do you guys think though? This thread is mainly for discussion, but I threw in a poll in there for whatever it's worth and put in all sorts of options for whoever wants to be...
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    Extreme Metal

    While it's arguable whether or not stuff like Doom and Thrash should be included under this grouping, I'd rather not since I don't consider them as "extreme" as the truly extreme stuff such as Black Metal, Death Metal and Grindcore. But you guys are free to talk about it as well if you wish...
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    Initialisms/Acronyms of songs and albums

    Are you fond of this habit? I think most people here are fond of shortening the titles of Iron Maiden's songs to initialisms/acronyms aren't we? What, then, are your favorite ones (for whatever reason)? It could be as crazy as like PENO because you can actually say it :p Or SSoaSS because it...
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    There's an official Football, American Football, Baseball and Hockey thread... ...anyone interested in Basketball? The new season of the NBA is coming up and I thought there might be some fans here.
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    What would you rather have amputated...

    ...both arms or both legs? A couple of days ago, a bombing rocked one of the major universities here. Among the casualties was the friend of a friend and she ended up having both legs amputated. It left me sad and shocked and wondering if there's anywhere safe in this world and how I'd feel if...
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    Deconstructing Eddie: My Iron Maiden Songs & Albums Countdown

    The Songs: 150. Quest For Fire (link) 149. Weekend Warrior (link) 148. Gates of Tomorrow (link) 147. Twilight Zone (link) 146. The Apparition (link) 145. Gangland (link) 144. Drifter (link) 143. Blood on the World's Hands (link) 142. Be Quick or Be Dead (link) 141. Wildest Dreams (link) 140...
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    What song(s) would you want to be played at your funeral?

    Not sure if you're all used to music being played at some point during one's wake or funeral but in any case... what music do you want played at yours? Jokey puns welcome and Iron Maiden tracks preferred if applicable, but basically anything goes :P
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    Can you know what posts you got praised/kicked for?

    Is there any link on the control panel or anywhere else on the site/forum that you can use to know what posts you got praised/kicked for?
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    Poll/Game Ideas Thread

    Since there has been a minor controversy lately about the amount and repetitiveness of some polls/games, maybe this thread could be helpful for those who want to throw out an idea for a poll/game before actually creating it. Then others can contribute, opine and discuss to flesh out the...
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    The Transitive Property of Music Appreciation

    Inspired by the mechanics of The Iron Maiden "Head-to-Head" Song Tournament In terms of liking a song, is it true that: 1) If X > Y 2) and Y > Z, 3) then X > Z? In other words: 1) If you like "Aces High" more than "Fear of the Dark" 2) and you like "Fear of the Dark" more than "Paschendale"...
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    Iron Maiden "Head-to-Head" Song Tournament (Round 7: Group B) [abandoned]

    There are 6 pairs of songs above pitted against each other in a head-to-head format. All you have to do is use your 6 votes to choose your preferred song out of each pair. Obviously, the song with more votes after a day, wins. Good thing the band as 144 songs (from their studio albums), which...
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    Is the first name credited on the writing credits the primary songwriter?

    On sites such as ironmaidencommentary and the album pages on wikipedia, the writing credits are generally in a certain order. Is the first name there the primary songwriter? Meaning "Charlotte The Harlot" & "Deja-Vu" would be Dave's songs... "The Prisoner", "Die With Your Boots On" & "Gangland"...
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    How do you like your steak?

    Honestly, I just wanted to create a thread with a poll since I'm working out some kinks... but since we're on the topic: Most of my friends, including my wife, like their steak well-done. I've always wanted to try one of the rarer variants. What's your type?
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    Best/Worst Iron Maiden albums by Track Position - DONE

    EDIT: Mods, it might be better to just leave this at a 1-vote maximum setting. Waiting for a mod to Toggle the setting back and forth would end up being confusing. The idea is to vote for the best Track #1... then the best Track #2... then the best Track #3... and so on and so forth until we've...