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  1. Zare

    EU Army - yes, no, why or why not

    There are multiple facets to this endeavour. A one of a waning alliance, a one of a growing adversary, individual states' military economics and cooperation programs, and further changes in inter-EU power balance. As an example, Croat might be somewhat invested in fluctuations from U.S...
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    MF board bootleg sharing topic

    Hello everyone. I am creating this topic as a 'directory' where members can post their Maiden and related bootlegs they'd be willing to share with others around here. It's up to people to arrange transfers between themselves, and abide by the hard and soft rules of bootleg trading, e.g. no...
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    "Senjutsu" - meaning and pronounciation

    So as one googles main results are tied to Maiden where this "tactics and strategy" quote comes from - no backing to that. Other main source is the Naruto animated film. There the word is used as sen-jutsu, jutsu of the sens, art of the sages. The english translation is "Sage jutsu" (two word...
  4. Zare

    What if Maiden, Priest and Metallica made a joint

    This has been a long time dream of mine.
  5. Zare

    Synth metal? Do you agree with this?
  6. Zare

    The Genesis of Somewhere in Time

    MODERATOR'S NOTE: This thread originated as a discussion in the Short-answer questions thread and was moved to a separate topic. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There...
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    Favourite year of the 1830s

    What's yours? Mine is 1833. Second choice would be 1838 but that one comes after 1837 so I won't vote for it.
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    Social media poll

    People have started comparing metal bands by social media penetration and I don't think it is a good measurement stick. Let's see what a simple poll says on the issue. Btw, social media is Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of that shit. Not forums / chatrooms and their modern iteration.
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    Good youtube vinyl rip

    Great sound. Enjoy :)
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    Adrian Smith Survivor : Silver and Gold, round 1

    So let's simply do this :) To everyone, this is my first survivor so keep me guided as we go pls. The idea is to host game for 4 albums that were chiefly Adrian Smith solo projects - ASAP, Psycho Motel, Primal Rock Rebellion. As we go we can decide to insert other stuff like Urchin or...
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    Bootlegs in detail

    It's a bit of a stupid thread name but I haven't got any better right now. Remember the Bologna bootleg that was posted in live videos thread, where the band fucks up Hallowed Be Thy Name? I wanted to make a thread for that sort of stuff, so that we don't fill videos thread with already posted...
  12. Zare

    King of Sweden is using his penis as radiotransmitter to send anti-semitic lesbian...

    meatloaf recipies to Soupy Sales and Marvin Hamlisch. Welcome to the land of whackaloons, the conspiracy theory thread! I'll start with the one I discovered today; Definitely alien airport-hub for weed export.
  13. Zare

    Youtube and its copyright policy

    How can they claim copyrights over a ROIO ? I've filed complaint for a Pantera video, that's just FM broadcast of a show, they've validated their claims and now I can force an appeal, but that can also do something negative for my account, as it seems. I've written in the dispute that this is a...
  14. Zare

    The worldwide politics thread

    A place to fit news from out of EU, USA and others that have their own threads. Bolivia's President Declares 'Total Independence' from World Bank and IMF Since Bolivia loans around 7% of their GDP, it's safe to say that...
  15. Zare

    Problem changing avatar

    Hi, I can't upload a new avatar picture. Immediately I get a 'server can't process this image' error, regardless of the resolution. I tried multiple JPEGs. Thanks.
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    Brilliant parenting

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    Hi, I'd like to present this band which isn't active any more. They were a Swiss metal band, progressive, industrial, groovy, melodic, with death metal being present via drum patterns and vocals. They labeled themselves as Death Wave, a cross between death metal and new wave. New wave is...
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    This is hard rock band called Mama's Boys Image from Reading Festival 1980. As you can see their logo is realized in so-called "Maiden" font. Since Maiden were playing on same festival (direct support for headlining UFO), and Mama's Boys were formed in 1978 with major-label record coming in...