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    Midnight chaser/2 Minutes To Midnight?

    I`ve been listening recently to the one and only White Spirit album, and noticed that the first song, Midnight Chaser resembles 2 Minutes; at least the riff from the start of the song. Anyone else noticed?
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    Best of Iron Maiden ´80-´89 to be free to download!

    An upcoming Maiden best of collection of 15 songs will be download-able from their site. Of course, all of us here have heard this songs, but I think it`s a smart move, since anyone can download the songs via Limewire, Torrent, etc. The songlist and additional info on the album and the Chemical...
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    Two ˝secrets˝ I found in Maiden`s songs

    I haven`t seen these mentioned in the commentary, so here it goes: On the first disc of the BBC archives, if you listen closely to track 11 (The Prisoner), between 1:08 and 1:13 you`ll hear ´Understanding-standing reckon the number of the´. I let you to think how it got there The Unbeliever-If...
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    Best Maiden song

    The list includes all songs from Maiden`s 14 studio albums, no b-sides, except for songs such as Total Eclipse and Sanctuary, which were included in the 1998 re-releases of the albums. Since there are 134 songs, you have 7 votes.
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    Maiden Japan-full concert

    I just downloaded some kind of full Maiden Japan concert with that something-Torrent. I don`t know whether if it`s real or fake, so has anyone got it too?
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    Posting on the site

    I was wondering how do you post your comments on the IMC site. I`ve seen some people post (like on Back In The Village commentary), so how can I do it too?