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    Rare set list

    1. Be Quick or be dead 2. Only the good die young 3.Edge of Darkness 4. Killers 5. No prayer for the dying 6.ghost of the navigator 7..Caught somewhere in time 8.Alexander the great 9.Infinite Dreams 10.Afraid to shoot Strangers 11.Brighter than 1000 suns 12.Iron Maiden...
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    How old were you when you started listening to Maiden and which 3 albums did you buy first?

    I am 43 years old, i started to listening to iron maiden maybe 1992 or 1993 y remember reading a review from donington 1992 in a heavy margazine. And my first 3 album in order 1.fear of the dark 2. Seventh son of a seventh son i thought it was like a bit soft,now i love it 3. Live after death i...
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    Revisited all Iron Maiden studio albums during this lockdowns

    During this lockdowns i did something that i never have done before and i enjoyed a lot, listen to all iron maiden albums in order, from Iron Maiden to Book of souls, you should try,and dont skip the songs i found interesting parts of songs that i listened long time ago.
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    one question

    Before playing Phantom of the opera, bruce used to say "this song was written by harris in a lucky....???
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    Bruce's voice during the years

    Im sure we all think like this,there are like 3 phases 1. Number of the beast,piece of mind,powerslave,somewhere in time 2. Seventh son,No prayer for the dying, Fear of the dark 3. Brave new world,Dance of death,a matter of life and death,final frontier,Book of souls I dont know but nowadays i...
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    Maybe the last history tour from 1990-2015

    Check this.
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    Bruce is cured-Lets celebrate!!

    Its has been a bad time for Iron Maiden fans since we know that news.......but he is cured and we will have him back with and album and maybe next year a great tour so...... Lets celebrate and send your videos with great Bruce moments! Moonchild 88 -I always loved this video,have watched it...
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    Steve harris sells his house -Pics inside

    Really big house! i think he has some eddies there!
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    Since reunion,lets talk about maiden albums and tours

    Im a great fan of this era,i was a fan from early 90s,since fear of the dark,but as in other topic i remembered a lot of things about blaze era,i also remember many other things and feelings about reunion and albums I remember when Brave new world was out,i bought the album and i was with my...
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    What surprises could Iron Maiden make in this final era.

    I mean,i think in 10 years the will be retired,we have seen 3 historic tours,a few greatest hits tours,but what can they do to make us happy? I would love to see: -90s historic tour with the fear of the dark stage -Somewhere in time with the stage or at least a Dvd from that era -And for the...
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    Bruce hair 2014?

    Yeah, this kind of topic,while waiting for the setlist and first youtube videos because i cant go to any shows i remember last shows bruce has at least the longest hair he had for years here we have ( i think) a recent picture (17 oct)...
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    Iron Maiden-Full concerts-not oficial

    I dont know if its forbidden i think its not,but im looking for Iron Maiden full concerts ,and there are some jewels out there,maybe we can make a topic with a big amount of bootlegs (please not oficial) Here is one rare bootleg from No prayer on the road,i didnt know anything of the Eddie of...
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    Maiden's future (albums/touring)

    I havent read anything and i think the next part with No prayer for the dying,Fear of the dark ,X factor and virutal Xii ( my gess ) has to be made,i know its not their most famous era,but people like me started to listen Iron maiden in 90s, so for me will be special and i would love a...
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    Post your Iron maiden concerts

    I would like to know how many shows did you attended, ITS NOT A COMPETITION! just curious how many new fans do we have, and they have the same rights obiously and EDDIE bless them all.Without the new fans probably Iron Maiden was in retirament maybe since 1998. Ok,here are mine,i think i dont...
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    the rejuvenation of Dave Murray

    Its not the title of a new song,but anybody has realized how Dave Murray has lost weight since last tour (final frontier tour) and he has more hair,or (better hair) maybe in this im wrong.But im happy for him,because since 1998 i have seen him getting older in a bad way,but right now he is...
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    How the reunion happened back in 1999?

    I would love to know,how it happened,since the departure of Blaze Bayley and his terms to the reunion with Bruce and Adrian,and the conversation with Steve. I dont find anything? who has the Infooormationnn,infoorrrmationnn.