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  1. bluehelmet

    Guitar Solos - The Book of Souls

    Adrian's second solo on TRATB could well be his best ever. Move over SIASL !
  2. bluehelmet

    Reflecting on 2015 as a Maiden fan

    Haha. I didn't need Google for Valente. As well as being obsessed with all things Maiden, I am a long-suffering Everton season ticket holder !
  3. bluehelmet

    Most favorite song from The Book Of Souls

    I can't separate TRATB, TBOS and EOTC. The inspirational instrumental sections of TRATB have a very similar groove to the instrumental and lengthy fade out on Starship Trooper off the classic Yes Album, without really sounding much like it. Probably sounds weird but I know what I mean !
  4. bluehelmet

    Reflecting on 2015 as a Maiden fan

    Don't forget Nuno Valente as well. Champions League winner and ex Evertonian
  5. bluehelmet

    Favorite bands

    1. Iron Maiden 2. Charlotte and The Harlots 3. The Holy Smokers
  6. bluehelmet

    TBOS Tour Predictions

    I'd wager they will play either These Colours Don't Run or Benjamin Breeg. As for this 'classic' that Bruce said they never play live and will surprise us all...To Tame A Land would be my guess. Would be ecstatic with this or CSIT but perhaps wishful thinking on my part
  7. bluehelmet

    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)

    It's about time Maiden played Liverpool Echo Arena. Last time they played Liverpool was on the Inter City tour in 1990 after the release of NPFTD.
  8. bluehelmet

    Where do you see Iron Maiden going after TBOS ?

    I think TBOS will be the final studio album and the forthcoming tour will be the penultimate, before finishing off with a huge farewell tour. Perhaps performing one song off each studio album. Hopefully many more documentary/history/concert DVDs to be released though as well as live archives...
  9. bluehelmet

    Best 1-2 opening salvo on a Maiden album?

    1. Piece Of Mind 2. Powerslave 3. SSOASS 4. Somewhere In Time Not much in it though !
  10. bluehelmet

    What are your top 10 songs from X Factor until The Book of Souls?

    In no particular order : Dream Of Mirrors Dance of Death Paschendale Brighter Than A Thousand Suns For The Greater Good Of God The Legacy Starblind When The Wild Wind Blows The Book Of Souls Empire Of The Clouds Another 10 that missed the cut : Sign Of the Cross The Clansman Brave New World...
  11. bluehelmet

    Your favourite song from every album

    IM : Phantom Of The Opera K : Killers NOTB : Hallowed Be Thy Name POM : Where Eagles Dare P : Rime Of The Ancient Mariner SIT : Caught Somewhere In Time SSOASS : Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son NPFTD : Mother Russia FOTD : Afraid To Shoot Strangers XF : Sign Of The Cross VXI : The Clansman BNW ...
  12. bluehelmet

    Official Maidenfans poll: Favorite studio album 2015

    1. Somewhere In Time 2. Piece Of Mind 3. Powerslave 4. A Matter Of Life and Death 5. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son 6. Number Of The Beast 7. Brave New World 8. Book Of Souls 9. Iron Maiden 10. Final Frontier 11. Dance Of Death 12. Killers 13. X-Factor 14. Fear Of The Dark 15. Virtual XI 16. No...
  13. bluehelmet

    How do you guys feel about the newer Maiden albums?

    I reckon the last 4 albums stand up remarkably well with the first 7. I'm not one to bash 90s Maiden but NPFTD, FotD, TXF and VXI are not in the same league as the 11 that bookend them.
  14. bluehelmet

    What do you think is Maiden's most aggressive/energetic song?

    I reckon Montsegur and Fallen Angel fit right in with the songs on Powerslave.
  15. bluehelmet

    YOUR top 5 maiden songs

    1. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son 2. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 3. Phantom Of The Opera 4. Powerslave 5. Where Eagles Dare
  16. bluehelmet

    Always wondered..

    I reckon Starblind = Infinite Dreams on acid
  17. bluehelmet

    Jupz's Top 50!

    Wow !! Your list just freaked me out a little bit as it seems remarkably similar to my top 15 (12 the same - if not in the same order) : 1) Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son 2) Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 3) Hallowed Be Thy Name 4) Phantom Of The Opera 5) Powerslave 6) Revelations 7) Paschendale 8)...
  18. bluehelmet


    I personally wouldn't entertain it. But Steve has often said how unhappy he was with the first album, so that woukd be the obvious one. Mind you, they already re-recorded Prowler and Charlotte in 88. However, I do think Metallica could do alot worse than re-record ...And Justice For All. They...
  19. bluehelmet


    the only way i could stomach a Bruce replacement would be if he got sick/injured right before a Festival gig and an on-form Rob Halford offered to step up on stage. I think he could pull it off and keep most fans relatively happy