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  1. matic22

    Legacy Of The Beast Post-Pandemic Leg

    Legacy of the Beast Touring Update 2020/21 I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well, wherever you may be, and my continued thanks to you all for bearing with us so patiently. Due to the continuing health issues Worldwide around Covid-19 we regretfully inform you that Iron...
  2. matic22

    Iron Maiden Stage Mishaps Collection

    *No LOTB spoilers until the end of the tour* Well, we all know that things go wrong sometimes on stage. So this is the topic, where we try to merge the videos of them (if they exist). So lets start with these ones: Adrian Falls, Brave New World, Vancouver 2010 Steve Falls, Speed Of Light...
  3. matic22

    Songs that didn't work live

    *LOTB free discusion (if you really need to speak abut it, use spoilers)* I was wondering, do you think that Maiden has ever performed a song live that didn't work live. I couldn't think of any right now, but I'm interested if you think that Maiden chose the wrong song to play, because...
  4. matic22

    Wrathchild Victims Memorial #GoneButNeverForgotten

    2018. New year. New tour. Iron Maiden are going to play a new batch of old songs this year. Some hits, some fan favourites and hopefully some rarities. But there is a praying head hunter out there. Wrathchild. He is ready to kill any song to get in the set. So, before it potentially happens...
  5. matic22

    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    Since we have stained the Book Of Souls threads enough, I think we should countinue our discussions here. After the last show of TBOS, there was posted a picture of the rumoured stadion dates of The Legacy Of The Beast tour 2018. While the tour seems plausable, the venues don't.
  6. matic22

    My ultimate IM playlist

    So since I'm going through complete Iron Maiden studio discography I thought I'd create my ultimate Iron Maiden Playlist that will end up on my phone. Just finished with the first album. The three entries are: Prowler Remember Tomorrow Phantom of The Opera Now it's Killers time
  7. matic22

    The Ultimate Underplayed Iron Maiden Songs List (Reunion-era)

    So this is a similar thread to the one I created before, although this one is about underplayed songs during recent years. The songs eligible for this thread must have been played at least once during the reunion-era. So no Flight Of Icarus I'm afraid. There is no TBOS songs. TFF 2010 and 2011...
  8. matic22

    The Ultimate Overplayed Iron Maiden Songs List

    Since we usually rant about that problem, I decided to make a new thread in where every user can vote for 3 (in his opinion ) most overplayed songs. We all know there is a thin line between a live staple and an overplayed song. So this thread is there to determine that. Remember, The Book Of...
  9. matic22


    Well this is still Maiden-related, but it's for fun, so I'll post it here. I found this site quite a while ago, Uncyclopedia, the content free encyclopedia (obviously a Wikipedia parody). There is some pure gold on there (like the Genesis Turn The Washing Machine On Again Tour article), but the...
  10. matic22

    Songs performed at ridiculous speeds live

    As we all know bends tend to speed things up a little when they perform live. So this is a thread for posting ridiculously fast performances of songs. Here is one. Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Turbocharged Alien (Sevilla '91) So what other ridiculously fast performances do you know?
  11. matic22

    Your ultimate reunion album

    I am a bit bored so I was thinking about making an ultimate reunion album consisting of songs from BNW, DOD, AMLOAD, TFF and TBOS. It must not be more than 11 songs long and must be a healthy mix of rockers and longer songs, at least 3 shorter songs (That's why DOD was left out) and not more...
  12. matic22

    A Matter Of Life And Death turns 10

    Oh god, how time flies. On this day we mark the 10th anniversary of releasing A Matter Of Life And Death. It is a special album for me. It's probably the album that made me a fan. It was September 2006 and I wanted to get my hands on some new music since I was developing my taste in music at...
  13. matic22

    En Vivo tracks with only Adrian's guitar

    Just found these two tracks on Youtube with Dave, Janick and most of the vocals removed. So the tracks are basicly Nicko, Steve and Adrian. - Coming Home - The Final Frontier It's amazing, because it showcases a few things that could be missed from the DVD: - How better Adrian's guitar sound...
  14. matic22

    Beat It and Trooper Mashup

    That is an epic mashup... almost better than Marley/Revelations.
  15. matic22

    34 years ago...

    ...this happened.
  16. matic22

    'Arry's Epics (7 minutes and longer)

    I was going through TRATB thread and there was a question about Steve's epics in recent years and if he can still write a good epic. So I decided to make my list from worst to best Harris epic, using only songs written only by Harry and are longer than 7 minutes. Candidates: Phantom, Hallowed...
  17. matic22

    David Gilmour: Rattle That Lock

    Love this song (Santana meets Floyd meets French railways jingle), hopefully I could get my hands on this album in three days.
  18. matic22

    Favourite lyrics on TBOS (poll)

    Mine are TOAC, TBOS and EOTC. What are yours?
  19. matic22

    Adrian, Janick and Dave's guitars and Steve's basses

    Since I have a bit of time, am a guitarist and have done a lot of searching on this topic I decided to post about gutars used by the Maiden guitarists through the years live. Let's start with Dave: Dave Murray: Early days: -1981 Main Guitar: -1957 Stratocaster, bought from Paul Kossoff's...
  20. matic22

    Gear used and instrument sound on TBOS

    For all instrument geeks... Here is a thread in which we can discuse the gear and sound of instruments on TBOS. So far I learned that: Dave Murray and Adrian Smith went away from using Marshalls. Dave switched to Victory V100's and H switched to some kind of Blackstar amps (probably HT 100's...