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  1. Onhell

    Happy Winter celebrations

    I just had a video chat with my brother and niece. One of his wife's aunts tested positive for covid and they are taking precautions. Thanks to technology we were able to share the video call, a lot like in the Simpsons lol. Also called my dad and messaged my GF. I really think it's bs when they...
  2. Onhell

    A matter of Identity: how do you see yourself?

    I've been meaning to post about this topic for a while and today I filled out a questionaire that finally pushed me over the edge. Identity. More importantly, SELF identity. How do you see yourself and WHY? Allow me to explain As most of you know I self-identify as Mexican. BUT, I also lived in...
  3. Onhell

    Sonata Arctica

    I did an extensive search and didn't find a thread for this fairly popular band on this forum. Sooo.... here we go. I was listening to albums on Youtube and saw a link for S.A's Ecliptica, their first and by far my favorite. However, even though the thumbnail was the original, the recordings...
  4. Onhell

    Asking for tolls and other annoying troll behavior

    As to not hijack the "serious" thread, dump your troll pet peeves here.
  5. Onhell

    Technology Thread

    One of my students saw me pull out my smartphone and said, "Teacher, you're rich." "Oh am I? How do you know if I'm rich?" "Because you have a smartphone." To which I said, "I recently bought it with my Christmas bonus, for the past 2 years I had a 'cacahuate' (peanut, slang for the most basic...
  6. Onhell

    Year in Review 2019

    Haven't seen many of these threads in recent years, but then again I haven't been around as often. At any rate, even with a little over a month to go for the year to end I found myself reflecting on my life since I came back to Mexico. What I have gotten done: Even before I got here my goals...
  7. Onhell

    Now Writing

    I've been hit by a wave of creativity lately and written a few things. I was surprised to find that I began writing poetry even though I don't know the first thing about it and I rarely if ever read poems. However recently I've found them the perfect vehicle to express a specific feeling. I...
  8. Onhell

    Losing Weight, interesting odyssey

    I am a true believer in that there are basic components, or a foundation, to basically anything. From math to language to exercise. When it comes to losing weight I believe that foundation is fairly simple, burn more calories than you consume. How you go about that is your business and in part...
  9. Onhell

    Club vs. Arenas: Show experiences

    It appears Facebook is down and to kill some time at work I started reading the Commentary again and read an old Rant:, about the future of Metal. In it, Bæleron relates his awesome experience at an Iced Earth show in...
  10. Onhell

    Vocaloids, truly prefabricated pop stars.

    I don't know how familiar you guys are with this, but it was news to me. For history and background check out this link: . Don't want to watch the video? Vocaloids are computer programs that sing, like an advanced auto-tune program initially aimed at professional musicians so they could...
  11. Onhell

    Corrupted Blood Incident

    Don't know if you guys have read about this or not, but who knew WOW would actually do something useful and by that I mean nearly die. That's right, WOW was overrun by a virtual Black Plague that peaked the interest of several government agencies to better understand the spread of disease and...
  12. Onhell

    That Sneaky Mother F....

    Happy Birthday Sneaky! :ninja:  :shred:
  13. Onhell

    Spinal Tap Jr?! Hells yeah!

    fucking funny documentary of a kiddie metal band:
  14. Onhell

    An "Angra" Birthday!

    Happy Birthday JeffMetal!  :rocker: +
  15. Onhell


    So ever since my DUI, I've cut back on my drinking considerably, I have been riding my bike practically everywhere averaging 50 miles a week and going to the gym. To make my bike riding more pleasant I borrowed an mp3 player from a friend since y iPod crapped out. I filled it with power metal...
  16. Onhell

    "The Oxycotin Express"

    I think I mentioned it before that I finally found a new job and I've been at it for almost three months now. I hate it, but it pays the bills. I am a Pharmacy Tech in training at Walgreen's  Pharmacy Care Center. That's right, not at the actual pharmacy, but the pharmacy care center. What is...
  17. Onhell

    Links on the FAQ thread in Maiden Chat

    I've clicked on easily 7 links and they all lead to the main page of the BB, rather than the thread/page it is intended too. As it was written up by Perun and controlled by the Mods... any idea where those threads are?
  18. Onhell

    Music Videos As Legitimate Art.

    So in doing a little research for my next cd reviews I was struck by another idea. I was watching some music videos and began tearing them apart and questioning them to no end. "Why did the protagonist (usually the singer) do that?" "Did they REALLY have to have the van explode?" or "What is the...
  19. Onhell

    Oh Grand Inquisitor!

    Happy B-day Sneaky!!!
  20. Onhell

    Quoth He

    Happy Birthday Raven!!! I'd drink in celebration, but I'm on antibiotics so a virgin screwdriver will have to do.