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  1. bearfan

    ZZ Top

    Did not find a thread doing a search. One of my favorite bands, just talented as hell. I did not care for Recycler and and a little iffy on Afterburner, but the rest of the catalog is just great. Hope for one more album from them. I watched the reasonably new documentary ZZ Top: That Little...
  2. bearfan

    Queens of the Stone Age

    Surprised we did not have a thread for them New album Villains comes out Aug 25 I really like these guys. The 2 songs released from the new album
  3. bearfan

    Chinese Democracy

    Lovely ... I spent a little time there earlier in the year ... a bit unnerving seeing "no flags, not political speeches, no group gatherings signs all over the place .. even on the Disney park map" Not really surprising...
  4. bearfan


    How can we not have a UFO thread? .. well, we might, but "UFO" is too short for the search and I looked 25 pages in and did not see one In any case, a good UFO interview from Eddie Trunk Phil Mogg
  5. bearfan

    Armored Saint

    Not really a favorite band of mine, but I did just listen to their new album "Win Hands Down" on Spotify, really solid record. Only song I did not care for was Muscle Memory, which was still at least an okay song Worth checking out and I may need to look at some of their more recent stuff myself
  6. bearfan

    Bond, James Bond

    Unless I missed it, I did not find a Bond thread. In any case, this is just fricking awesome news Title : SPECTRE Cast: Daniel Craig as James Bond Ralph Fiennes as M Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny Ben Whishaw as Q Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner Andrew Scott as Denby Dave Bautista as Mr. Hinx...
  7. bearfan

    Suggest some Euro Bands

    I am looking for some Euro music that meets the following criteria. Rock, Hard rock or metal No, or very minimal, gravelly voices, ie singers who actually sing. General good melody ... My tastes run pretty much from older rock Beatles, Stones, Doors, Deep Purple, 70s guitar based rock, some...
  8. bearfan


    Really a shame. I have not seem them live in a very long time (I think the Fly on the Wall Tour). But it is a shame they have to end this way (assuming this is all confirmed. If they had announced a farewell tour, I probably would have gone. I guess it shows you to go see the older bands...
  9. bearfan

    Record Store Day 2014

    RSD is April 19th. I am all over this one :) (Full list, ) Ron Jeremy Understanding and Appreciating Classical Music With Ron Jeremy DETAILS Format: 7" Vinyl Label: Black Country Rock/Thirty Tigers Release type: 'RSD First' Release More Info: A...
  10. bearfan

    En Vivo LP (Vinyl) for $14.99 at Best Buy

    A pretty good deal for the Americans here if you want the record Maiden&lp=1&cp=1
  11. bearfan

    Non EU/US politics

    Things happen outside of the US and EU Interestingly the results of the Australian election where the Labour Party was tossed out due in part to their own dis-function and in part to their insane Carbon Tax policy, mining taxes, and general crap policies towards business which was harming the...
  12. bearfan

    Maiden and Monsters U

    Disney-Pixar put up character inspired playlists from some of the characters from the Monsters University Movie on Spotify Run to the Hills is on the Ms. Squibbles playlist .. which is actually pretty good
  13. bearfan

    Mobile Forum (like Taptalk)

    Any thoughts on putting the forum on TapTalk (I mainly mention that one because the app is currently free)
  14. bearfan

    They’re Reaching for Vinyl

    ... for me they never went away but ... according to the NY Times Weaned on CDs, They’re Reaching for Vinyl By ALLAN KOZINN Vinyl is growing out of its niche. There were always record collectors who disdained the compact disc, arguing that an LP’s grooves yielded warmth and depth that the...
  15. bearfan


    So, I went and saw Ratt last night at the Dallas House of Blues. I had first seem them in the mid 80s with Fastway and Lita Ford. I was surprised how well the band played, the vocals on the other hand were pretty hit and miss. But, they played pretty much a greatest hits show and it was fun...
  16. bearfan

    Record Store Day 2013 Record Store Day is April 20 this year, there are some nice releases this year
  17. bearfan

    Anyone up for a Maiden Sheep Game?

    I have played these before in other forums and they can be pretty fun. It is part trivia/part strategy (guessing what others would answer and depending on the type of question, trying to come up with something obscure or very popular) If enough people are game, I'll come up with some...
  18. bearfan

    Warsaw or Berlin

    We are going to Gdansk to see Maiden on Jul 4. Looking over our itinerary, it looks like we will have 2 or 3 days to spend in another city. It will be my son and I going, he will be 19 when we go. I have been to Berlin, but only for one day, so I did not come anywhere near seeing all of it...
  19. bearfan

    Maiden Christmas Presents

    Got something cool in the mail. A relative took a 12" 2 Minutes picture disc and pretty much did this to it and sent it to me for a Christmas Present ... really cool. If I find some cheap pic discs somewhere, I might make a few more of...
  20. bearfan

    Maiden on Spotify

    Was listening to Spotify today and Maiden came up as a related artist. I generally do not listen to them on Spotify, have the MP3s on my phone already. Anyway, looking thought the list, all the studio albums are on there, but the have "Sign of the Cross" on X-Factor greyed out as "artist or...