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    Thanx Mav!

    The other day while looking al the IMC for my 47192471924º time i kind of stopped and thought: "f*** dude, this is awesome!!" As I am really sure that EVERYONE here has found it useful on some ocasion, I really want to thank mav for creating that cool source of information about the band Thanx...
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    New tour schedule p***s me off

    I am from Madrid and i lately got quite annoyed by the fact of just one maiden gig in Spain, which is in Murcia (if you don´t know about spain its like in the south eastern corner of it, far away from the main cities like madrid or barcelona), The fact is that the promoters from the festival...
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    Do members have all releases?

    I always thought about that point, I mean, every time maiden releases some single,album or even a toy,watch... do you think they get it? I supposed that,of course they did,but as AM told me the other day that Chris Dale didnt have some of the skunkworks stuff it makes me wonder Normally the...
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    asap/psycho motel

    is there any website dedicated to adrian smith solo carrer? is there also any web where you can download mp3 stuff?
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    Put here pics of you

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    lately got b sides bootleg who had a version of thin lizzy´s massacre but i don´t know if it was a b side (dont think so) or a tribute, if so,whats the album where it was released?
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    rock in rio censored piece

    lately i downloaded from a site a part of the gig (between 2 minutes & blood brothers) in which bruce starts to blame britney spears and other people (unfortunately,i can´t find that download page now) why wasn´t that part included on the album and dvd as it is really cool?
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    Do you mind getting cd-r bootlegs?

    i don´t give a damn anyway!
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    no prayer different cover

    the other day i saw in a shop a copy of no prayer for the dying but instead of the original cover it had the painting of eddie with the machine gun (tailgunner) I´d like to know if it´s a rare maiden lp and if so, does it worth the equivalent to 50$???
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    Best Bruce solo album

    Tatooed Millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Most rare maiden single?

    I saw something about this twilight zone single in many websites and read that there were only 6 made and that one of em was sold lately for about 6000$ could anyone confirm this?
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    Metal for muthas available?

    Someone told me the other day that the metal for muthas album was released on cd by sanctuary/air raid a few years ago... is it true?? if not,is it nowadays easy to get an original one?
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    how many new maiden albums?

    well,I wish that shit about leaving this never happened but I have reasons to think that it ain´t so far away in time,as I was discussing with AM. My opinion is that there will be at least 2 or 3 more studio albums and if you ask me what I want I´ll give you the rolling stones or alice cooper...
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    can´t download ed hunter crack

    when i try to download it, a message of error appears
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    Gammaray´s powerplant = futureal cover

    Haven´t you noticed it´s nearly the same cover??????? [img src=\'\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' /] the maiden one [img src=\'\' border=\'0\'...
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    someone in madrid who wanna sell bootlegs?

    Wanna get any maiden bootleg that falls in my hands