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  1. Mountil

    Favourite Songs Longer Than Eight Minutes

    I was going to say favourite epic songs, but epic is hard to define. Plus there is already an "epic" thread, and that thing is a gong show. So to keep it simple, there are twenty-five songs longer than eight minutes. Choose your favourite five. There will likely be a bias towards the new album...
  2. Mountil

    Obligatory rating thread for Speed of Light, because why not split the discusion further

    Yeah we got a new song today, and sure we could have thoughtful conversations about it. But why? We can just settle this in the only way that matters, a number rating. And sure, we could take sometime to let it sink in, but we're cowboys, and we shoot from the hip. Make a statement and stick...
  3. Mountil

    Maiden by Eras

    7 options, choose 2. I’ve taken all of the song ratings from 2014. (The furthest out from TFF to try and avoid new album bias.) I then divided the albums up into eras, and took the top ten song from each era to form albums. Obviously NotB - Powerslave has a huge advantage for having three...
  4. Mountil

    Maiden, Musical Taste and how You Think

    Read an article today on a scientific study about your personality helping to define your musical taste. The results of the study seemed like common sense in a lot of ways, but I figured there is still something to discuss. The article...
  5. Mountil

    Alternate Album Titles

    The idea came to me while thinking about The Book of Souls, and how If Eternity Should Fail, or Empire of Clouds would make for a better album title. (Assuming there isn't tribal themes throughout.) So rename all 15 albums using either a song name from that album or a name that you feel bests...
  6. Mountil

    TBOS Predictions

    Hey you guys, haven't posted here since TFF days, sorry I haven't been around. I had to create a new account because I forgot the password for my old email and the password for my old account here. My old account was "Mozzle". I used to make those "best of albums from each era threads", but...