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  1. Lord of Wolves 78

    Vintage Eddie Christmas Cards

    Here are some classic and vintage Eddie Christmas cards from both the 80's and 90's. Remember these are just low resolution previews/samples, so if you want any of them for yourself, a loved one or a friend pm me.
  2. Lord of Wolves 78

    What Car do you drive?

    Just curious what car you drive, what mpg you get if you could post some pictures as well. I drive a 2003 1.6 petrol VW Golf GT. Also she pssed the NCT (MOT) to you english late last month. I keep the inside of the car very clean and smells nice too. Although it may be a bit old, it's great to...
  3. Lord of Wolves 78

    Iron Maiden Eddie HD Wallpapers?

    As Iron Maiden is very sadly no longer, and that site to me and I'm sure many other people was the elite/the creme/the V12 etc. of hi-res Eddie sites. There any no sites now dedicated solely to Eddie anymore. I was thinking of creating my own ultimate Classic Derek Riggs era Eddie...
  4. Lord of Wolves 78

    Celtic Frost

    I've been listening to this great band quite a lot recently, and although I'm not the biggest fan of thrash metal apart from the big four bands, they are a truly stellar and a one off band. I recently bought all four digitally remastered albums on deluxe digipak CDs, and I'm super pleased with...
  5. Lord of Wolves 78

    All Time Favourite Top 20 Bands/Artists

    Not sure if there is a similar thread, but I was curious to know what 20 bands/artists are your all time favourite? Not all mine are metal, and there are some unusual choices: Iron Maiden ABBA Celtic Frost Moonspell Faith No More Dimmu Borgir Heart Agalloch Nokturnal Mortum Bowie Scorpions...
  6. Lord of Wolves 78

    Even very rare Eddie pics Prt 2

    Here are even more rare Eddie pics. All of them are hi-res to very hi-res. You won't find any low awful pinterest resolutions in my collection. As I said before, don't be afraid to pm me with your email address, so I can send these pictures to you. Here they are:
  7. Lord of Wolves 78

    More very rare Eddie pics.

    Hi, sorry I haven't been on this forum in a while, but I have since aqquired some more very rare Derek Rig gs pics. If anybody is looking for certain ones, or a certain period for example like 'Killers' or 'Somewhere in Time'. I got these images from FC magazines, magazines, calendars and...
  8. Lord of Wolves 78

    Somewhere in Time

    This album is the album that got me into Iron Maiden in first place back in 1990. For me this album is just a pure masterpiece from start to finish with no filler and all killer. All the songs are fantastic and all the songs are a 10 for except for De Ja Vu which is a 9.5/9.6. The riffs and...
  9. Lord of Wolves 78

    Repro Iron Maiden Posters

    Just wondering has anyone bought many repro posters or other similar items? I bbought a repro poster on ebay a year ago of the Seventh Son Eddie holding a baby, but I as quite disappointed with the resolution, and it looked a little blurred. Thankfully I got a much better version in a higher...
  10. Lord of Wolves 78

    Looking for more rare Hi-res Derek Rigg's Eddie's

    I know there is a similar thread, but I'm also looking for more rare Derek Rigg's Eddie's from both the 80's and 90's to add to my archives/collection. I'm always scouring the internet for more images, but most of the time they are not what I want and the resolution is not up to par. Although at...