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  1. Travis The Dragon

    Please post reviews and thoughts on Senjutsu here - WARNING! SPOILERS inside!

    Here are all the reviews of Senjutsu so far. I decided to make this thread so people wouldn’t have to sift through pages of posts to read them. Please feel free to add any new reviews that come up. Even though I have a warning in the title, I’m still putting everything in spoilers and that would...
  2. Travis The Dragon

    Everyone take a long deep breath of relief. It has finally been revealed! The wait is over!

    BRET MICHAELS Revealed As BANANA On 'The Masked Singer'
  3. Travis The Dragon

    Live Nation To Pause All Tours Due To Coronavirus
  4. Travis The Dragon

    India and Pakistan might be on the brink of nuclear war

    From: You can also follow this thread for constant updates on this situation:
  5. Travis The Dragon

    Ex-Journey singer Steve Perry is back with a brand new album!

    Steve Perry has come out of a very long retirement with a brand new album! It's called Traces and is due out October 5th. So far there are 3 songs available and they're all pretty damn good. "Traces" track listing: 01. No Erasin' (4:07) Writers: Steve Perry, David Spreng 02. We're Still Here...
  6. Travis The Dragon

    Would you like an OFFICIAL live release for every Maiden tour that doesn't have one?

    I'd absolutely love it! Even the Blaze years to have the songs from the albums with him on vocals. And it would be great to get both video and audio. Also, I'm going to include Beast Over Hammersmith on video because The Early Days only has a partial concert. I'm also including legs of tours...
  7. Travis The Dragon

    Coming soon: The Soundhouse Collection. This looks like it could be really amazing.
  8. Travis The Dragon

    Bruce working on a new solo album

    I know this was posted in the other thread, but it's so amazing and unexpected that it deserves its own thread. All I can say is HELL FUCKING YES!!! From:
  9. Travis The Dragon

    Vote for Maiden in Revolver's Album Of The Year! Let's kick Marilyn Manson's ass!

    You can vote here: Manson is WAY ahead! Let's kick his ass! You can vote over and over and over again, as many times as you want so we should all be able to put Maiden in the lead!
  10. Travis The Dragon

    Adrian Smith almost gets into Playgirl!

    From: That's too funny and great that Adrian wasn't afraid to talk about it. :lol:
  11. Travis The Dragon

    Most favorite song from The Book Of Souls

    I can't decide yet, but I'll vote when I do. So far, it's a 4 way tie between IESF, TRATB, TBOS, and EOTC. Also, since some on here haven't listened to the album, it might be a good idea to just say the title and avoid spoilers. Or just vote. :)
  12. Travis The Dragon

    Can we all please rate The Book Of Souls as one complete album? Not 2 separte discs.

    I've noticed that there has been some talk on here about rating TBOS as 2 separate discs and saying one is better than the other and so on. However, the only reason it is 2 discs is because of its length. It's not meant to be 2 different albums. It should still be viewed as one, full album. So...
  13. Travis The Dragon

    As far as albums with repetitive choruses, why does Seventh Son get a break?

    I've never had a problem with these types of songs, but with all the talk and complaints about songs with repetitive choruses from quite a few other members on here, I'm surprised Seventh Son never gets brought up. The Evil That Men Do, Can I Play With Madness, Seventh Son, and Only The Good Die...
  14. Travis The Dragon

    SPOILER thread for The Book Of Souls-VERY specific album details ONLY

    In the pre-release thread, Chazz and I were discussing the proper use of spoilers as far as TBOS is concerned and I agree with him that it would be a good idea to have a thread to put spoiler type stuff in without having to use spoiler tags. It's also a good idea to have a thread like this so...
  15. Travis The Dragon

    How bad is the wait for you for The Book Of Souls

    It's definitely a 4 for me. It could become a 5 after more time goes by though.
  16. Travis The Dragon

    A warning about bootleg shirts being sold

  17. Travis The Dragon

    See how lyrics are rated based on school grades What I find interesting is that The Frontier gets a grade of 11, but The Talisman which I feel has a bit more complex lyrics only gets 7. It's kind of fun though. Here's a great site for metal lyrics:
  18. Travis The Dragon

    I think Eddie needs to kick all your asses! Because....

    I don't see a thread wishing Adrian Smith a Happy Birthday!!! Or I'm blind and need to have my ass kicked! :P Either way HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. SMITH!!!!!
  19. Travis The Dragon

    Rumor of an August-Fall tour

    If Maiden does plan a late spring to early summer release for the new album, then this is probably about right. From:
  20. Travis The Dragon

    A 24 string bass. I'd love to see Steve try this out! That's completely insane!