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  1. JudasMyGuide

    Being flashed by a guy...

    ... has never felt so pleasant. 'Cause we have our own @The Flash here, y'know. A most enjoyable birthday to you, effendi, with mirth abound and lashings and lashings of ginger beer! :cheers:
  2. JudasMyGuide

    The Lady of the Fall

    Today, on the day of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, our beloved @Brigantium celebrates her birthday. May the mead and the ale wash down your thirst and enhance your jubilation! Wishing you everything good, Brigs. :cheers:
  3. JudasMyGuide

    Colors to the Music

    So, anyway, me and @Midnight were talking in the Now Playing thread about how certain songs evoke certain colors. And although it was mostly in jest, I wondered if this was an interesting topic to talk about. Like I mentioned in the aforementioned thread, there is actually a medical condition...
  4. JudasMyGuide

    Such a connoisseur of fine boomer music...

    ...but he rates them all just 6/10! Sixes, sixes everywhere, nor any drop to stink, it's the B-Day, the day so special in most peculiar a way, let's stay and play and chase the sorrows away, for today is the day that @SixesAlltheway celebrAY- ts his birthday! Best wishes! :cheers:
  5. JudasMyGuide

    Only mostly def... the resident metal leppard. Happy birthday to @Ariana :cheers: I've been playing Opeth to your honor. And Alter Bridge too, from time to time :ninja:
  6. JudasMyGuide

    Wir halten zusammen...

    "...Wir halten miteinander aus Wir halten zueinander Niemand hält uns auf Wir halten euch die Treue Wir halten daran fest Und halten uns an Regeln Wenn der Moderator uns regeln lässt..." Best of the wishes to @Perun ! :hbd: :cheers:
  7. JudasMyGuide

    He has but this forum... let's not disappoint him! Happy birthday @Edington ! May the wine come in a river, not a brook today! :cheers: :hbd:
  8. JudasMyGuide

    Mental Health Thread aka Do You Fear Death?

    So, after I wished happy birthday to Black Abyss Babe in a thread that was called "Do you fear death?" and many people voiced their disappointmend that it was a "mere" birthday thread after all and since Ariana nudged me thus I'm opening the real thing. So, my dear co-members, are you afraid...
  9. JudasMyGuide

    Do you fear death?

    Do you fear the dark @Black Abyss Babe ? Happy birthday! :cheers: :hbd:
  10. JudasMyGuide

    Hang the DJ

    ... or not, in fact, you might rather celebrate his birthday! Happy birthday, @DJMayes you chirpy lad! :cheers:
  11. JudasMyGuide

    Treat him like a prisoner...

    ...treat him like a fool Treat him like a loser Use him as a tool. Just a Shadow on the wall! Still, the fella has birthday! L'Chaim, @Shadow :cheers:
  12. JudasMyGuide

    My word, he's from Germany...

    ...well, it's the same old country but the people have changed... Happy birthday, @Perun ! Keep on moddin'!!! :cheers: :hbd: :shred:
  13. JudasMyGuide

    A fruitful day...

    ...this June 13th seems to be, for @Metal Warrior 330 , @Moonchild and @cdm613 were all born on this day. Happy birthday to youse! Have a good one :cheers:
  14. JudasMyGuide


    Our canis lupus (familiaris) @mckindog has birthday today! :hello: All the best wishes to Canada :cheers:
  15. JudasMyGuide

    He likes them old

    … the songs, I mean! Heavy birthday to our connoisseur extraordinaire and the other resident Deadhead, @SixesAlltheway ! Cheers, mate, and keep on truckin' :cheers:
  16. JudasMyGuide

    Who are you?

    The new Number 2? No, you're the bloke who has birthday today, @Number 6 ! Heavy birthday to Brazil! :cheers:
  17. JudasMyGuide

    The noose that stalks

    the Now Playing thread. Heavy birthday, @terrell39 ! :cheers:
  18. JudasMyGuide

    What does a blade do in a corner?

    It FLASHES! Happy birthday to you, @The Flash :hello: :cheers:
  19. JudasMyGuide

    DeeJay Day

    Happy birthday to you, @DJMayes ! :cheers: Just keep on scratchin'
  20. JudasMyGuide

    She's on tonight... know her ships don't lie and I'm starting to feel it's right Yeah. That's also Brigs. Wishing a most heavy birthday to our bonny lass. Cheers and love, @Brigantium . :cheers: