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  1. portermoresby

    Food from your country

    Hey guys, I wanted to open a topic in which to discuss the national food we enjoy. Having lived in Venezuela, among my favorite dishes I could mention Arepas ( and Empanadas ( which are usually made from corn dough and...
  2. portermoresby

    Should Maiden include an instrumental song in their next album?

    I think they should. Well, I do have a penchant for instrumental music, even though I'm very much a lyrics person. Anyway a new Maiden instrumental would be awesome, in my opinion.
  3. portermoresby

    First rock and first metal album you heard

    A friend of mine's brother had Guns 'N' Roses' Use Your Illusion II lying around (he stole it from some other guy) so we'd play it over and over and start acting like idiots LOL. Eventually I bought it. It was my first rock album, one I still like. I was 7 back then. In 1995 (when I was 9) my...
  4. portermoresby

    Maiden songs you would write

    Ok, guys, I'll explain this topic. I had this idea of coming up with song titles for Maiden songs you'd like to write if you were in the band. For example, a few days ago I read H.P. Lovecraft's Celephais, which is a short story about a man who escapes his dull, depressing life through his vivid...
  5. portermoresby


    Does anybody like them? They're one of my favorite bands and, until a few months ago, the only metal band I really liked apart from Metallica and Pantera. I like how they mix prog and metal with Middle Eastern atmospheres and psychedelic sounds (and a touch of electronica, too) My favorite album...
  6. portermoresby

    Weird/funny/creepy band names

    I'd start with !!! (pronounced "chk chk chk") a new wave-dance-punk band. This one sounds cool
  7. portermoresby


    I've smoked for nearly four years now. I've had moments of heavy smoking (up to a pack a day) and moments of very low smoking, like a couple cigarettes in a week. I had quit smoking on June, 11 but then I started again a couple months ago. Do you smoke? Have you ever tried quitting? Would you...
  8. portermoresby

    Creepy Maiden lyrics

    Some Maiden lyrics are particularly intense. The line "a glimpse of the future/a cannibal state" from Man On The Edge has always brought all sorts of Orwellian, Terminator-like scenarios of technologic decay and mind control and whatnot to my mind. Are there any lyrics that creep you out?
  9. portermoresby

    Best line in TFF

    To me, the most beautiful line in the whole album is "Empty flesh and hollow bones / make pacts of love / but die alone". Cryptic, poetic and emotional. What is your favorite line?