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  1. Joel

    Worst Iron Maiden Song

    I've listened to every song so much, that they all sound good to me and/or grown on me. Though I can remember absolutely disliking The Evil That Men Do, way back when; now it is one of my favorites. Funny how time and repetition can alter one's opinion on certain songs. If I really had to choose...
  2. Joel

    PAUL DI'ANNO To Fan: 'If You Like BRUCE DICKINSON, Go Home And Listen To His Records'

    Man, Paul is so delusional. He thinks he is number 1? That argument may have been debatable 25 years ago, but now?... not so much. He thinks Run To The Hills is "too easy?" He can't even sing Running Free or any other song without squealing and grunting like a pig. He calls people f*gs and gay...
  3. Joel

    Maiden England Tour 2012/2013!

    Aside from the amazing news, that artwork is awesome.
  4. Joel

    Bruce's most powerful screams (Live).

    The scream at the end of Flight Of Icarus: Hammersmith 1983 Chicago 1983 Wrathchild: Ullevi 2005 (sounds like a real Air Raid Siren!) Hammersmith 1983 TNOTB Chicago 1983 And various songs from Ipswich 1983. '83 was a great year.
  5. Joel

    Mysterious News Announcement on the Official site...

    Kinda reminds me of Di'Anno's solo stuff. :ok: