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  1. Wyrdskein

    Winds of Change Acoustic or Electric

    Just a bit of fun. For me the acoustic is superior.
  2. Wyrdskein


    I am a big fan of Ronnie J Dio, but I just can't get into his self titled band. Recommendations of a good DIO album would be appreciated. RJD is fantastic on the Rainbow and Sabbath albums, but DIO (I only have the 'collection') seem rather light and middle-of-the-road to me. Am I wrong?
  3. Wyrdskein

    These Colours Don't Run

    How long will it be until this song is used in a washing powder advert or the like? There's one for a 'colour catcher' they are showing at the moment - clearly they are not familiar with Maiden's work.
  4. Wyrdskein

    Misheard lyrics

    Before the days of the internet when it was impossible to just look up lyrics, and they were absent from the cassette sleeve, I remember singing the line from TNOTB "a reflection of my walkman staring back at me" (or 'warped mind' as it should be - an old favourite 'misheard' line). What lines...
  5. Wyrdskein

    Which songs represent your childhood?

    For those of a certain age, which Maiden songs remind you of childhood the most? The ones that always give me that magical, nostalgic feeling are: Infinite Dreams The Sea of Madness The Clairvoyant even though the 1980s was the worst decade ever.
  6. Wyrdskein

    Final Frontier verses

    Hello. I am not a musician so maybe someone can help me here. On the Final Frontier, 4 or 5 of the songs seem to have the same verse tune. By this I mean the actual lyrics are sung to the same tune, even though the choruses are distinct. Has anyone else noticed this, and can anyone express this...
  7. Wyrdskein

    No Prayer for the Dying

    Hi. Why do people have such a problem with the No Prayer for the Dying album? I thnk it's one of their best. I don't care if the tracks are shorter than normal or if it lacks an 'epic' quality. It's fantastic! Much better than Dance of Death, which seems to be so rated these days. :shred: