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  1. Wyrdskein

    Winds of Change Acoustic or Electric

    Just a bit of fun. For me the acoustic is superior.
  2. Wyrdskein

    Bruce to join Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull for a Christmas show!

    Fantastic! For meTull are equal with Maiden and Sabbath in all ways.
  3. Wyrdskein

    Final Frontier: one year later

    Pretty much the same as when I first heard it. Great apart from the last three tracks. The outstanding ones for me are Coming Home, Starblind, Isle of Avalon and Mother of Mercy.
  4. Wyrdskein

    Albums in the order of which you got them.

    I think this is accurate. The Number of the Beast Somewhere in Time Powerslave Seventh Son Iron Maiden Killers Piece of Mind No Prayer Fear of the Dark Virtual XI The X Factor Brave New World Dance of Death A Matter of Life and Death The Final Frontier
  5. Wyrdskein


    'Heavy doom' sounds good to me. I will post again when I have listened to some of these recommendations. Thanks guys.
  6. Wyrdskein


    I am a big fan of Ronnie J Dio, but I just can't get into his self titled band. Recommendations of a good DIO album would be appreciated. RJD is fantastic on the Rainbow and Sabbath albums, but DIO (I only have the 'collection') seem rather light and middle-of-the-road to me. Am I wrong?
  7. Wyrdskein

    Coming Home

    Re: Daily Song: Coming Home Coming Home is 10 times better than Hallowed Be Thy Name.
  8. Wyrdskein

    Band members position on religion and war.

    Maybe Bruce could be a Fundamentalist Atheist.
  9. Wyrdskein

    Maiden songs with a 10/10 rating

    Those songs seem much more grown up than the NOTB and POM ones.
  10. Wyrdskein

    Maiden songs with a 10/10 rating

    No. I do like it and it was the first album I ever heard from Maiden at 9 years old, so it holds a special place in my heart; but these days I would not give a 10.
  11. Wyrdskein

    Maiden songs with a 10/10 rating

    No I didn't.
  12. Wyrdskein

    Maiden songs with a 10/10 rating

    Phantom of the Opera Transylvania The Ides of March Murders in the Rue Morgue Genghis Khan Innocent Exile Prodigal Son Drifter Aces High 2 Minutes to Midnight Powerslave Rime of the Ancient Mariner Caught Somewhere In Time Wasted Years Sea Of Madness Heaven Can Wait The Loneliness Of The Long...
  13. Wyrdskein

    When the Wild Wind Blows

    Re: Daily Song: When the Wild Wind Blows Sorry to let the side down, but rather like TMWWBK, the lyrics just seem thrown together here. I like TFF a lot until it reaches the final three tracks. 5/10.
  14. Wyrdskein

    The Man Who Would Be King

    Re: Daily Song: The Man Who Would Be King Music is fine, I just don't like the lyrics. They seem very sloppy to me. 4/10.
  15. Wyrdskein

    The Talisman

    Re: Daily Song: The Talisman The song is ok, but the lyrics on intro let it down. 6/10.
  16. Wyrdskein

    Coming Home

    Re: Daily Song: Coming Home Fantastic! My favourite song on the album. Great lyrics and perfect guitars. 10/10
  17. Wyrdskein

    Mother of Mercy

    Re: Daily Song: Mother of Mercy I wonder how many more songs Maiden can write about hopeless wars? This one is good though and I tend to get the chorus stuck in my head. 7/10.
  18. Wyrdskein

    The Legacy

    Re: Daily Song: The Legacy How anyone can give this a 2 I've no idea! The song is amazing and so well constructed. The vocal melodies, riffs and solos are second to none. 10/10. I would give it more if the rules of mathematics allowed it.
  19. Wyrdskein

    Favorite bands

    Give Tull a go. Try Stand Up or The Broadsword and the Beast.
  20. Wyrdskein

    How much longer for Iron Maiden?

    Bruce once said he would write novels when he retired from music. That should be interesting if Iffy Boatrace is anything to go by. I always imagine Steve and the others doing an instrumental album based on some of the best Maiden riffs and solos. They could definitely revisit them.