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  1. Spaldy


    Any fans of Gloryhammer here? I've been a fan of them for years now and seen them a few times. Always great fun live. Anyway they just announced sadly that lead vocalist Thomas Winkler is leaving which sucks as he was the heart and soul of the band imo.
  2. Spaldy

    Rock In Rio DVD Discussion

    I've currently got this bad boy on. I must have watched it 100 times since its release (because it's their best live video) and I couldn't find a dedicated thread to it. Anyway I noticed something curious. There are several shots on the dvd that look like there are Go-Pro cameras attached to...
  3. Spaldy

    Is my copy of Killers a fake or a mistake?

    So this is interesting. I bought my original pressing of Killers from a second hand vinyl shop a couple of years ago but until now I've not noticed this anomaly. While the actual music on both sides of the record is Killers, the Side B label is... well, see for yourself. For reference...
  4. Spaldy

    Can't Access Senjutsu Thread.

    When I click on the thread my browser thinks it's a download link. It's only happening on the Senjutsu thread.
  5. Spaldy

    Show Us Yer Merch!

    A thread to share all of your Maiden tat purchases. I got this platter today for just a tenner.
  6. Spaldy

    Countdown to Senjutsu. 17 albums in 17 days.

    The 18th of August marks the 17 day countdown to Senjutsu. So the rules are simple, do a full listen through of one Maiden album per day in chronological order. And by a full listen I mean just that. No having it on in the background. This'll be a fun way to chart the musical evolution of the...
  7. Spaldy

    Now THIS Is How You Do A Boxset

    The new Cradle of Filth album Existence is Futile has been announced with the following ltd boxset available to pre-order. Price 69.99 EUR Cheaper than the Senjutsu boxset and packed with more stuff. Are you listening Maiden?! (Rant aside, I'm looking forward to this.)