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  1. Cosmiceddie

    3 best sounding albums you own

    What are your 3 best sounding (production/mix/mastering) albums? 1. AC/DC - For Those About To Rock (2003 remaster) 2. Marillion - Script For A Jester's Tear (2020 remix/remaster) 3. Def Leppard - Def Leppard (2015)
  2. Cosmiceddie

    Top 3 studio albums from any band

    What are your top 3 studio albums from your favourite bands? Here's my list: Iron Maiden 1. Brave New World 2. The Number Of The Beast 3. The Book Of Souls Black Sabbath 1. Vol. 4 2. Sabotage 3. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne 1. Bark At The Moon 2. Diary Of A Madman 3. Ozzmosis Judas...
  3. Cosmiceddie

    Top 10 movies

    What are your favourite movies? My top 10: 01. Time Machine (1960) 02. The Fearless Vampire Killers (1966) 03. Westworld (1973) 04. James Bond - Diamonds Are Forever (1971) 05. Time After Time (1979) 06. The Final Countdown (1980) 07. Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (1991) 08. Aliens (1986) 09...
  4. Cosmiceddie

    What is your all-time top ten album list?

    I think this list is easier to create than the all-time top ten song list, isn't it? Let me show yours. Here's mine: 01. Brave New World - Iron Maiden 02. Altitude - Autumn 03. The Chemical Wedding - Bruce Dickinson 04. A Matter Of Life And Death - Iron Maiden 05. Afraid Of Sunlight -...
  5. Cosmiceddie

    What is your all-time top ten songs list?

    That's a tough call, I know. All the same, do try and post your all-time favourite songs here. 01. Skydancer (Autumn; from the album 'Altitude') 02. Kill Devil Hill (Bruce Dickinson; from the album 'Tyranny Of Souls') 03. Back From The Edge (Bruce Dickinson; from the album 'Skunkworks') 04...
  6. Cosmiceddie

    Maiden songs with a 10/10 rating

    Let me see your Maiden songs which you rate as 10/10. Here's my list: Phantom Of The Opera The Ides Of March Children Of The Damned The Prisoner Hallowed Be Thy Name Where Eagles Dare The Trooper Caught Somewhere In Time Wasted Years Sea Of Madness Alexander The Great Brave New World The Nomad...
  7. Cosmiceddie

    Songs (albums) to ignore

    Tell me what songs you ignore by skipping them or which albums you ceased listening to. Iron Maiden - I don't listen to this album anymore because of bad production (It really sounds dated). Killers - 'Purgatory', 'Drifter' The Number Of The Beast - none Piece Of Mind - 'Sun And Steel'...
  8. Cosmiceddie

    Any 'The Final Frontier' songs in your Maiden top ten list?

    Which 'The Final Frontier' songs made it in your current top ten Maiden songs list? So far, none of them managed to enter my top ten.  :help:
  9. Cosmiceddie

    Rate 'The Final Frontier'

    Satellite 15...The Final Frontier 10/10 El Dorado 6/10 Mother Of Mercy 9/10 Coming Home 6/10 The Alchemist 8/10 Isle Of Avalon 4/10 Starblind 3/10 The Talisman 9/10 The Man Who Would Be King 7/10 When The Wild Wind Blows 9/10
  10. Cosmiceddie

    Derk Riggs about the 'Maiden Japan' paintings!

    Recently I was emailing Derek Riggs to ask him a question as for the famous alternative painting he did for the 'Maiden Japan' EP(the one with Eddie holding Paul DiAnno's severed head in the air). With his approval you can now read his side of the story behind this amazing painting...
  11. Cosmiceddie

    What are your top ten Eddie paintings?

    Here come mine: 1. World Slavery Tour (tourbook) 2. Maiden Japan (Venezuelan 12" sleeve) 3. Powerslave 4. Beast on the Road (tourbook) 5. World Piece Tour (tourbook) 6. The Number of the Beast (7" sleeve) 7. Maiden Japan (official one) 8. 2 Minutes to Midnight 9. Purgatory 10. Aces High
  12. Cosmiceddie

    Top ten Bruce Dickinson songs

    Since there's a new Bruce solo album out there (Tyranny of Souls) I'd like to know your updated top ten songs. Here come mine: 1. Kill Devil Hill 2. Back from the Edge 3. King in Crimson 4. The Tower 5. Broken 6. Navigate the Seas of the Sun 7. Jerusalem 8. The Alchemist 9. Gates of...
  13. Cosmiceddie

    'SPOILER': a short review of the Uster/Zurich show

    Well, as you may know last night Maiden turned up at Uster/Zurich in Switzerland.It was a small festival with four bands incl.Dream Theater.Anyway I don't want talk about that bands since I wasn't really into them. Now Maiden.They boys entered the stage at about 10 to nine.Just to let you know...
  14. Cosmiceddie

    Bruce managed to create 2 more classics!

    Well, here they are, two new Dickinson classics.I'm talking 'bout 'Navigate the Seas of the Son' and 'Kill Devil Hill', to me te best songs off the new album. Whenever I listen to 'Navigate the Seas of the Sun' I experience some nice shivers navigating down my spine especially at the very...
  15. Cosmiceddie

    Wanted! Iron Maiden - Peruvian 'Somewhere in Time'

    I'm desperately looking for a mint or excellent copy of this vinyl: Iron Maiden - Peruvian 'Somewhere in Time' LP (EMI CE 02 0034, gatefold sleeve)!!!
  16. Cosmiceddie

    Wanted: 'Raiders of the last Rock' vinyl boot!

    Does anyone in here own this vinyl bootleg? [img src=\'\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' /] If so, I'm dying to buy or trade it!!!
  17. Cosmiceddie

    To all serious Maiden vinyl collectors - Help me!

    I'm desperately looking for a picture(proof)of the 7" below: 'Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter', GERMAN edition, 1990, EMI 2041717(according to 'Companion' book, page 115) Since I've never ever come across a copy of this 7"(I've been searching for 5 years)I need a proof of its existence at...
  18. Cosmiceddie

    Question regarding Twilight Zone 7"

    I've been wondering this for ages, so maybe you can help me with my request. Well, as you may know, there are three different vinyl colour versions of the English 'Twilight Zone' 7", namely black, red and clear vinyl editions(in fact there are even some extremely scarce brown copies around...)...
  19. Cosmiceddie

    Post your best edited Eddie pictures!

    To begin with, this is my edited avatar, hope you like it... [img src=\'\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' /]
  20. Cosmiceddie

    'Dance of Death' songs live!

    In the Swiss Metal magazine 'Metalworld' Steve Harris told the interviewer that the following songs will be played live on the 'Dance of Death' tour: No more lies Paschendale Face in the Sand Steve praises 'Dance of Death' to be another brilliant song that's sounding on the 5.1 version even...