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  1. Luisma

    Maiden Trivia Of The Day

    I've been promoting my ebook by doing this in different places and have been getting a great response so I thought I post some of them here and bring something different to this forum that has been a bit slow lately. Feel free to ask, comment, or share your experiences if the posts interest...
  2. Luisma


    Dear Maiden fans, Starting today and until The Ides Of March (March 15) my ebook, DETAILED DISCOGRAPHY OF THE BEAST gets a 25% discount of the price. All you have to do is subscribe at and you will get an email with all the details about how to pay for the...
  3. Luisma

    Hell Over Waltrop - Live in Germany

    So today I got to hear Paul Di'Anno's latest release Hell Over Waltrop - Live in Germany and I think is pretty good, much, much better than a lot of the releases Paul had put out in the later years. I like the production a lot and think that the album sounds very good. Paul voice is in good...
  4. Luisma

    Detailed Discography Of The Beast Facebook Page

    My dear blood brothers, some of you may know that about a month ago I started selling my ebook Detailed Discography Of The Beast which is the end result of more than 25 years of intensive research on all things Maiden related. The selling of the book has being doing great and all the money from...
  5. Luisma


    This book shakes, shocks, and rocks. And make the rest of Maiden books look average stock Detailed Discography Of The Beast is the result of more than 25 years of research in an e-book filled with MAIDEN info, across 1121 pages, taken from press packs, books, magazines, press cuttings, radio...
  6. Luisma

    A Request

    Hello all Maiden fanatics, some of you may know me from around here and now I've been writing a book about Maiden for quite awhile. Today I come to you with a request to anyone who has the MONSTERS OF ROCK 1988 TOUR PROGRAMME. What I ask for is to someone to please post either a redable...
  7. Luisma

    The Ides Of March - Early recording?

    Hey everybody, how are you? I want to know your opinion on this matter. According to my research, Maiden recorded a version of The Ides Of March long before they recorded the Killers album. This seems to be confirmed in the bootleg recorded at The Ruskin Arms on on October 5, 1979. Now, I've...
  8. Luisma

    Record Mirror and Iron Maiden

    Hello, Maidenites, Happy new year! Hope all the best for all you in the 2015 year. I've been reading some early reviews about Maiden in the very early days in various clippings a friend of mine has. There's one in particular I want to read that I haven't seen in his collection and maybe anyone...
  9. Luisma

    7" Reissues & the original mixes

    I have been wondering a lot about the tapes used to press the recent reissues of the albums & 7" singles. So far I know that the reissue of the debut album IS NOT the same as the original UK album (the effected voice at the end of POTO is not there) now what I want to know if the live renditions...
  10. Luisma

    Looking for Long Beach Arena 1985 Bootlegs

    Hello to you all, I have spent a LOT of time working on a book about Iron Maiden which takes a lot of effort and investigation on my part. Recently, I have found out about the existence of 3 Bootlegs of 3 of the 4 nights that Maiden played on the World Slavery Tour and that at least 2 ended up...
  11. Luisma

    Holy Smoke (Censored or Clean Radio Version)

    Hello all! I've been doing some research and have found out that supposedly 3 different versions of Holy Smoke exist: Holy Smoke (Censored) - Shit replaced by gunshots Holy Smoke (Censored) - Shit replaced by Duck quack Holy Smoke (Clean version) - Shit sounds warped However, I'm trying to...
  12. Luisma

    So, does anyone has the original interview about the 4 leftovers of VXI

    In 2004 (I think) posted this: IRON MAIDEN fan site ( reports that guitarist Adrian Smith has ended years of fans' speculation by revealing that 1998 Virtual XI album leftovers were indeed used for the the 2000 Brave New World album...
  13. Luisma

    Help needed: question about original Sanctuary single

    Anyone who has THE ORIGINAL UK 7" Single of Sanctuary... Is it true that the version of Drifter (Live) that appears on this release is NOT the same that appears in the German release (12") and all other (First Ten Years) releases? Thank you very much for your help!