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  1. Number 6

    The Meme Thread

    To end all discussions on this subject on the FUNNY / RANDOM / WEIRD Pictures... thread. Post whatever the fuck you want here, just look out for potentially offensive content.
  2. Number 6

    The Alts

    @Diesel 11 - Vocals @Wogmidget - Guitar @Collin - Guitar and bass and drums and everything else @LooseCannon - manager @Number 6 - promoter
  3. Number 6

    Top 20 favorite Steve Harris songs

    So, I've been wanting to do this for a while now and hope you'll join in and vote. I spent some time looking up some old posts here to see if anything like this had been posted before, and besides a poll posted by @Forostar about Steve's '90s output, I got nothing. And so, I decided to do it...
  4. Number 6

    Your Top 5 favorite movies

    Simple: what are your 5 favorite movies ever? Mine are... 1/2/3. The Lord of the Rings trilogy I don't have much to say here, only that these 3 movies (I can't make up my mind on which is actually better, although the first one is my favorite) are utterly perfect. You got all those beautiful...
  5. Number 6

    Your Top 20 Maiden tracks

    It's a simple question: what are your top 20 favorite Iron Maiden tracks? But I know it (or something alike) has been asked here many, many times. However, I want something the others didn't take into consideration: I want you to think big, all of Maiden's catalog. Studio tracks, live tracks...
  6. Number 6

    What is an epic to you?

    Okay, so! I've looked all over across this forum (and elsewhere) to try and piece together a general consensus on the definition of an epic. For example, we have Maiden tracks commonly referred to as "epics" (like "Phantom of the Opera", "Hallowed Be Thy Name", "Rime of the Ancient Mariner")...