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  1. Revelations85

    Albums that clicked later on?

    I was looking through the album specific topics, and I decided to listen to Virtual XI again. While I never hated it, I never had that great of an opinion of it. However, it suddenly clicked and I am liking it a lot more than I used to. Are there any albums that your feelings have vastly changed on?
  2. Revelations85

    Winnipeg Jets' Goalie Wears "Aces High" Design

    Today, I was reading the paper when I saw an article showing the new mask for Chris Mason, from the Winnipeg Jets. The article:
  3. Revelations85

    Other's Maiden Blasphemy?

    Similar to Your Maiden Blasphemy, except for something someone else said (outside of the blasphemy thread). For example, I heard one of my classmates call Maiden "sell-outs" after TFF came out. I agreed, because we all know Maiden went with extremely short songs directed at a pop audience this...
  4. Revelations85

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor Song Includes "Virus" Lyrics

    I didn't notice until I read somewhere (I hadn't listened to Virus) that "Blaise Bailey Finnegan III" by Godspeed You! Black Emperor includes lyrics from Virus. In the song, a man named Blaise Bailey is reading his poem to an interviewer, and the lyrics are pretty much modified lyrics from...
  5. Revelations85

    Albums in the order of which you got them.

    This is similar to the "Bought first" topic, but I am curious to find out what order everyone got the albums in, and any albums that they may be missing. For me: Piece of Mind The Number of the Beast Powerslave Seventh Son Somewhere in Time Brave New World A Matter of Life and Death Dance of...
  6. Revelations85


    I was browsing through the Amazon reviews for various Maiden albums (I was intensely bored), and while I found many positive reviews, I also found very negative ones. I was wondering: what is your guy's opinions on reviews? Has your mind ever changed (in either direction), after reading a...
  7. Revelations85

    I have all of the studio albums. What now?

    Just very recently, I got the self titled album, which completed my collection of Maiden's studio albums. Which live albums/compilations/other oddities do you recommend to me now that I have the studio releases scratched off my list? Note: I also own the Flight 666 DVD.
  8. Revelations85

    Any Metal Bands To Recommend?

    I'm pretty new to metal (Iron Maiden being the first metal band I've really gotten into). My question is this; well known or less known, what are some metal bands that you would recommend? (side note: I'm not a fan of black or death metal)
  9. Revelations85

    Elitists at School

    I was wearing my Killers shirt today at school (yes, I know, shirts, but it's backstory), and two shady looking guys are walking in the halls going the same way as me. One was wearing a NoTB tour shirt. The other: "Give me your shirt". I laughed, because I thought he was joking. Apparently, he...
  10. Revelations85

    Maiden Fans at School

    I'm on my second day at a new school, and I can't believe how many people are wearing Maiden t-shirts. I saw atleast three or four TFF tour shirts, a Trooper shirt, and a Wicker Man shirt, and probably more. It just goes to show that Maiden will still have a lot of fans for many years to come!
  11. Revelations85

    Least Favourite Studio Album Cover

    Not sure if this has been done before... Anyways, what is your least favourite album cover? Personally, I chose Dance of Death for the extra people on the cover. To me, they just don't seem to fit.