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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Huh. The local casino I go to uses virtually the same cashout vouchers. I managed to win $180 last week on a Michael Jackson themed machine - my biggest win yet! Wife got a new couch from that. Hoping to go again soon, but it can be so wasteful...
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Well.... hate to change the topic to a downer subject.... But, I went into work this morning to find out that some "company restructuring" over the weekend lead to my "services no longer being needed". Which is bull, since I practically reinvented their inventory system. Strikes me odd that...
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    Phantom of the Opera

    This is one of the early Maiden songs I heard. I had it in a Playlist along with the likes of Dance of Death and Powerslave. This was before I bought all the albums and listened in order. So image my shock when I found out this was on the first album! Amazing that they started out this good, and...
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    Iron Maiden pictures

    Took my wife and her friend to a mall that we don't usually go to, and ended up wandering into a little movie store. Was surprised to find these vinyls. Too bad I couldn't drop the $100 for the two of them at the moment.
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Geez. That's kind of what it's like nearby my place. My bro-in-law had a bear like that at his patio door one day, after his cats.
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    That it has. And Tolkien is a subject that takes up whole forums on its own. I'll look it over once I have the time. Speaking of forums, this one is very helpful and welcoming. I've been a member for two days and am already having a blast. Looking forward to many intelligent conversations here...
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    Why thank you. If I have any more Tolkien talk, I'll direct it there. This threads for what we're currently reading anyway, I don't want this conversation to take over.
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    Tolkien thread, aye? I should look that up and give it a read.
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    The Book of Souls Album Cover...

    It's not a huge difference from the original, but I feel like it goes along with most previous IM covers. Most of them had a background of some sort - not to mention the moon, creepy trees and skulls are constant themes, too.
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    I'll admit, a lot of what I said was nitpicking. I wouldn't want anyone to think for a moment that I don't appreciate the LotR trilogy and the first Hobbit film. But for all my complaints, I'm surprised I forgot to mention the Aragorn/Arwen scenes - they're some of the few minutes in the films...
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    Then there was this musical, which my wife saw years ago. I would love to see it myself but there's no sign it'll ever be brought back. It only played in Toronto, Ontario and London, England. Still, it was definitely a different take, and tried to keep faithful to the book without making the...
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    Oh yes, definitely. I lost some of my admiration for the films after reading partway though the book and finding how keys characters had been ignored entirely. Another disappointment was Saruman's death in the extended edition. In the book it's much later, and Wormtongue slits his throat rather...
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    I had no awareness of any of Tolkien's work until the first LotR film came out; I was severely sheltered growing up in a home where most fantasy stories were "full of sin". That aside, I was enticed enough by The Fellowship of the Ring film to jump into the series headlong. And especially after...
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    Iron Maiden songs that you flat out dislike?

    I agree with you completely. Repeating a line or an entire chorus is a standard in music, so it's not necessarily a sin if one song repeats it above average. I found The Angel and the Gambler didn't go overboard, as many other songs have. Again, I can point my barrels at the "popular" music...
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    Where have you been?

    In spite of a strong desire to see most of Europe and some other areas in person, I have never left my country. I have been to the West coast three times with the family (driving through Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and finally arriving at BC). Then we drove to the East coast, through Quebec...
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    Now Playing (Video Games)

    Call me old school, but my love for the old classics keeps pulling me back. I wrote a book a few years ago- an illustrated guide to take the old NES, tear it apart, clean and repair it, and disable the lock-out chip that caused that annoying blinking light (also makes the unlicensed and other...
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    The Hangover Thread

    Got a headache now looking over serial number of RAM and CPUs at work. The coffee just isn't helping. Not yet anyway.
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    Ooooooh yeah. We bought the first film, figuring we'd enjoy this series like the LotR trilogy, but it really went downhill from the start. We're part of the camp of folks that hate some of the unnecessary additions, like throwing Legolas all over the second movie, and Peter Jackson's fan...
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    That's been on my reading list for quite a while now; I should really look for a digital copy or even an audio version to listen to at work. At the moment however I'm going through some nutrition and self-help style books, at the request of my Father-in-Law, who's training to become some sort...