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  1. rocket_man

    Adrian Smith...........ASAP??

    i used to have this album, but i lost it quite some time ago.........does anyone know where i might be able to still get it?.......for all i know it is out of print........any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  2. rocket_man

    I love this site!

    I am not sure who started this site, but i wanted to say "thank you" to whoever that person is! This is such an entertaining place to hang out and so informative. Thanks again!
  3. rocket_man

    No Flight of Icarus?? why??

    was wondering why Maiden has never played Flight of Icarus live, at least as far as i know, after the World Piece Tour, it was never played was a single and a damn good song! always one of my favorites..........i have seen them three times and they have never played it and on...
  4. rocket_man

    what other side projects are out that i may be missing out on?

    Did Dave ever do any side projects or Nicko? Any info would be great?
  5. rocket_man

    concert dvd for Maiden England 2012 ??

    What are the possibilities that the "boys" will release a DVD from the North American tour?? If so does anyone know what their timeline for that stuff is? I figure they are filming most of the shows and archiving it, so it shouldnt be that big a deal and the tour is over after...
  6. rocket_man

    what is your favorite "epic" Maiden song?

    I was wondering what everyone's favorite Maiden "long" song was................ This is difficult for me.........but i have to go with "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" Beautifully arranged and still rocks, but seems nice and progressive to me, Love it!
  7. rocket_man

    your ultimate opening and closing song?

    I was wondering what everyone's ultimate opening song and closing song for a Maiden show would be.... Mine would be ........ Opening Song - Where Eagles's Dare Closing Song - Only the Good Die Young
  8. rocket_man

    what are your favorite "Eddies"??

    I am curious what Eddies you folks really like, ya know like the newer Eddies or the older ones.......from shirts, posters, albums and imports............ Killers album - album cover The Clairvoyant - tshirt Purgatory - single artwork Final Frontier - anything to do with it Piece of Mind -...
  9. rocket_man

    recommended newer albums for an old Maiden fan??

    This may sound stupid to alot of you, but i sort of had a "fall out" with Maiden around No Prayer for the Dying........I basically left em behind and moved on........Now i was (like so many) a self professed Maiden Maniac, but that album left me sorely disapointed, so i bailed on the band that I...
  10. rocket_man

    who has been more important to the band? Adrian or Dave?

    I am new so i dont know if this has been asked, i am sure it has..........but i was wondering what y'all me it is very obvious that it has been Adrian.........Dave has rarely written much material, although i have no doubt he contributes heavily in all me...
  11. rocket_man

    Anyone want Derek Riggs back to do the bands artwork?? whats up with dissin him??

    Sad to say the newer artwork is ok, but it just aint the same to me without Derek's wild and inventive imagination. To me he has always been an official "silent" member of the band.