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  1. ClairvoyantKiller


    Used the search tool and didn't find this band having a thread here so why not. If you're a Ghost fan and want to discuss it here, then here's your thread. Or if you want to discover the band, look to the album Meliora.
  2. ClairvoyantKiller

    Anyone know where to find all of Into the Iron Maiden Album animated videos?

    On YouTube you can find every flash animated video for every album up to fear of the dark. It gives a teaser for X-Factor, but there is no video present on the site for it and I couldn't find it using Google. Anyone know where it is? Or if it even exists?
  3. ClairvoyantKiller

    What's the difference between the remasters and the original albums?

    I realized yesterday that all the albums I have are remasters and I wanted to listen to the original albums and sound but I feel like every YouTube video saying 1986 or original just has the remastered audio in it. Where can I find and download the original songs on mp3?