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  1. Jeffmetal

    Tony Martin, Andy LaRoque, Magnus Rosén forming a supergroup ... mID=154716 It has all the ingredients to be really amazing!!! Hope it works!!! :edmetal:
  2. Jeffmetal

    Legendary Guitarist GARY MOORE Dies At 58 ... mID=153454 Man, what a sad day. In the afternoon, I wake up and read that Cathedral announced the end of their career; a few minutes ago, a friend sent me the following offline message, on msn: "thin lizzy marathon? rip mr moore". Man, tears just...
  3. Jeffmetal

    Paul Cairns (Mad Mac) played on The Soundhouse Tapes

    Check this out!!! Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2009 9:45 AM Subject: Iron Maiden demo Hi there, not sure if you can help, but here goes! My brother was one of the lead guitarists with Iron Maiden at the time they recorded their original demo tape at Spaceward. He left the band around 6 months...
  4. Jeffmetal

    Eternal Sabbath - A Tribute To Black Sabbath

    Hi, guys! These are some links to some songs we played at our first gig, past Sunday, after 2 months of band and 4 rehearsals. Check 'em out: Paranoid/Johnny Blade - War Pigs - Devil & Daughter -...
  5. Jeffmetal

    Adrian's New Band!!! ... mID=149835 Can't wait to check out what'll come of this!!! Probably loads of covers from their fave bands, but some orginal material would be cool to see, of course!
  6. Jeffmetal

    Hellfest Annoucement coming in 4 days (is it Black Sabbath?!)

    These are the rumours. A new album, then a farewell tour all over the world. Geezer and Ozzy (on their own) talked about it last week.
  7. Jeffmetal

    Tony Iommi is wrting riffs like mad again!!! ... mID=147562 Tony & Geezer are drooling and biting to start the new Sabbath phase and I can't wait for this to be announced!!! :edmetal:
  8. Jeffmetal

    [b]NOW LISTENING!!![/b]

    Can the mods pin this topic. It's the only one missing from the most constant activity to get close to the art we love the most. Halford - Till The Day I Die New album is a monster of heaviness and full of great anthemic songs!!! :edmetal:
  9. Jeffmetal

    This guy is really on the wrong job with serious ME(n)TAL problems ... on-maiden/
  10. Jeffmetal

    Metal band name generator

    Quite fun! :lol:
  11. Jeffmetal

    Adrian Smith cowriting and producing pop diva Kym Mazelle ... 7432&sid=4 That's something I never thought about. Interesting.
  12. Jeffmetal

    Iron Maiden albums (CDs) pressings with best sound quality

    People from Maiden Fans forums, could you give me hints, insights and opinions on which Iron Maiden CDs pressing has the definitive best sound quality? I listened to the 1995 Castle/EMI double bonus discs, the 1998 remasters (which I don't really like) and some of the brasilian 1st pressings. As...
  13. Jeffmetal

    Dave & Adrian interview from Rock Hard (from JackKnife scans)

    Rock Hard: We did meet the last time in march 2009. You were still in Brazil for the last tour. Less than a year after, you are beginning a new tour and you're gonna release a new album. When did you manage to find time to write and record this new one (so quickly) ? Adrian Smith: We spent 3...
  14. Jeffmetal

    Bruce interview from French mag Rock Hard (from JackKnife scans)

    Rock Hard: When did you find the way to write and record this last album? Bruce Dickinson: In fact, we composed this record in Paris where we rehearsed there during 3 weeks. This is the lapse of time we needed to write the full album TFF. Before that, Steve had certainly worked (swoted) one or...
  15. Jeffmetal

    Can Maiden inspire a profound change on a whole community system

    A really interesting article - ... 94465.html MAIDEN RULES INDEED!!!  :edmetal:
  16. Jeffmetal

    An interview with Eddie!!! ... dens-eddie Very funny! :lol:
  17. Jeffmetal

    El Dorado tab

    I posted it on the El Dorado single related thread, but now I found a more suitable place for it - I just tabbed El Dorado and here's a link for those interested. Pretty cool to play. Powerful main riff and the bridge has harmonies completely unusual to Maiden (sounds more like Voivod and Rush...
  18. Jeffmetal

    Rod's back on the road! - Dallas Diary (June 12, 2010)

    So here we are again. Diary time. I arrived June 4th in Dallas and the band came in from rehearsals in Florida the following day. That night we all got together for dinner at a good nearby steakhouse (what else in Texas!) so we could catch up. I hadn't seen some of the guys for a long time as I...
  19. Jeffmetal

    Worst Track by Track

    Well, inspired on the best track by track poll and by Moonchild33's Mega's reminder note, let's go: 01-Futureal 02-The Angel And The Gambler (These Colours Don't Run and 2 Minutes To Midnight right behind) 03-No Prayer For The Dying 04-The Pilgrim (Blood Brothers and Fear Is The Key right...