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  1. national acrobat

    What is your favourite documentary moment?

    This may be a bizarre question, but what are your favourite pieces in Maiden documentaries? I actually prefer watching documentaries about Iron Maiden than the concert videos. I was watching 12 Wasted Years a few weeks ago (this is my favourite documentary) and was reminded at how funny I find...
  2. national acrobat

    Times article

    The front page (and part of page 2) of the Times' Saturday Review section was dedicated to Iron Maiden last weekend. There wasn't an awful lot new in there, but I thought it's nice to see such a positive and extensive article in a mainstream newspaper...
  3. national acrobat

    Christmas Card

    Got this year's IM Xmas card this morning, and what can I say? It's pretty rubbish, to say very little. Sorry for the bad image, my scanner's not working (but credit where credit's due, the biggest acknowledgement for the bad quality of the picture can be given to the artist ;)).
  4. national acrobat

    Best Track by Track

    Okay, quite simply, pick your favourite Maiden songs in the order they appear on the studio albums, i.e. your favourite track 1, fave track 2 and so on. For the sake of consistency, use original releases of albums (no Sanctuary on IM etc). I've found while some choices are fairly...
  5. national acrobat

    Final Leg of SBIT tour

    More dates announced on offish ... cleid=1019 February 2009:- Fri 13th - UAE - Dubai Media City Amphitheatre Sun 15th - India - Bangalore Royal Challenge Rock In India Fri 20th - New Zealand - Auckland.  Mount Smart Stadium Sat 21st - New Zealand -...
  6. national acrobat

    The Last Weekend

    In case any of you didn't know, the Ruskin Arms is closing down in a couple of months (to build flats, can you believe it!). So if you can get yourself down to The Last Weekend, the pub's final gig organised by CliveAid? One last time to see a bit of Maiden's history before it's demolished.  :(
  7. national acrobat


    Although I'm sure I'll have as little success as Hunlord and Graspop, is anyone on here going to the Twickenham gig and fancy meeting for a bevvy or two on the Friday night, or before/after the gig on Saturday? Only a week to go now. Don't all shout at once.
  8. national acrobat

    Led Zeppelin Reunion Concert ... lin131.xml Led Zeppelin set to re-form for O2 gig The legendary rock band Led Zeppelin are planning to play a huge comeback concert at the O2 arena, the concert hall housed in the former Millennium Dome. According to reports the supergroup, who...
  9. national acrobat


    In my boredom and desperation for something interesting and challenging to do, I have attempted a Latin translation of the song 'Prowler'. It isn't a direct translation (for that is impossible) and is probably not perfect, but for the benefit of Perun and any other scholars of this wonderful and...
  10. national acrobat

    Overpaid Sportstars?

    I remember this being discussed before, so forgive me if I'm re-opening wounds or floggng the proverbial dead horse, etc. I saw on TV yesterday a story about how much Premiership footballers currently earn. On average, a Premiership footballer earns about £676,000 a year, which is £13,000 a...
  11. national acrobat

    What A World We Live In!

    A Sudanese man has been forced to take a goat as his "wife", after he was caught having sex with the animal. The goat's owner, Mr Alifi, said he surprised the man with his goat and took him to a council of elders. They ordered the man, Mr Tombe, to pay a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars ($50)...
  12. national acrobat

    Official Football Thread

    I think we have sufficient footie fans to get some discussions going here. Feel free to talk about whichever club you support in whatever country you live. It's also almost a World Cup year (wahey!), so come on and rate your own country's chances and comment on others. For me, I think England...
  13. national acrobat

    Brand New Tribute Album To Iron Maiden

    Just received an email about this album from 'All Star Salute To Iron Maiden Numbers From Beast'. Released 10/10/2005. Click [a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\']here[/a]. 1 Run To The Hills - Robin McAuley 2 Wasted Years - Dee...
  14. national acrobat

    Hammersmith Review

    There is a review of Maiden's gig at Hammersmith Apollo in today's Times. You can read it [a href=\',,14936-1765590,00.html\' target=\'_blank\']here[/a].
  15. national acrobat


    All the Iron Maiden bootleg trade forums I find work on a policy of swapping one bootleg of a concert for one of another. Seeing as I have none, this means that I can't get any more. Is there something I'm missing here, or can someone advise me as how I can get started on bootleg trading? Thanks.
  16. national acrobat

    Cheap Maiden CDs

    I don't know if anyone has pointed this out in here before, but are selling all Iron Maiden studio albums at £4.99 (pretty cheap!). So if your collection is lacking an album or two, now is the time to buy. "In anticipation of the bands Carling Festival headline dates in August, and...