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  1. Black Thunder

    Random Song: Lost Horizon - Highlander (The One) Now, THAT's a song. They're not very good by Power Metal standards (the only reason I listened to them is Daniel Heiman), but this song kicks some serious ass. :rocker: 10.
  2. Black Thunder

    Random Song: Sabaton - The Art Of War Awesome if you ask me. The rhythm and riffs are very good. A high 9.
  3. Black Thunder

    Maiden Hangman Game

    OK, here's a little game: Example: I post a two-line Maiden lyric, and you have to reveal it one letter at the time. When you're sure about which lyric I posted, you can guess the whole thing. If you miss 5 times, you lose (I post another one). The next lyric posts the person who got most of...
  4. Black Thunder

    See into the future, See into the past...

    :hbd: to JackKnife!  :ok:
  5. Black Thunder

    L.A. Party

    :hbd: to snake plissken!
  6. Black Thunder

    Re: IMBB member elimination MADNESS!!!!

    Just vote for your least favorite members.
  7. Black Thunder

    Cosmic birthday!

    How come nobody started birthday thread about a forum legend?  :o Happy b-day Cosmiceddie! Have a good one! :hbd:
  8. Black Thunder

    Dave, happy birthday!

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to do this, but... :hbd: :clap:
  9. Black Thunder

    Album vs Album

    Basically the same as "Song vs Song", except we're doing albums this time. Let's kick off with the obvious: Iron Maiden - Killers
  10. Black Thunder

    Favorite vocalists

    I'm not sure if this is already done, but I can't find it anywhere...  :S Mine are: Rock Freddie Mercury Steve Perry Robert Plant Ian Gillan Bon Scott Axl Rose Joe Lynn Turner David Coverdale Graham Bonnet Steven Tyler David Lee Roth Metal Bruce Dickinson Ronnie James Dio Michael Kiske Rob...
  11. Black Thunder

    The Alphabet Battle

    Here we go. Going in alphabetical order, we're gonna do every Maiden song. Every 2 days day, we'll do the new letter. Just vote for your favorite on the poll. My vote goes to 2 minutes. Winners: 2 Minutes To Midnight Aces High Blood Brothers Clansman, The Dance Of Death Evil That Men Do...
  12. Black Thunder

    Essential Metal Albums

    Name some of the best metal albums in your opinion: Mine would be: Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast Judas Priest - Painkiller Iron Maiden - Powerslave Metallica - Master Of Puppets Megadeth - Rust In Peace Dio - Holy Diver Judas Priest - British Steel Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard Of Ozz...
  13. Black Thunder

    Classic Rock reviews "The Final Frontier" ... cleid=1240
  14. Black Thunder

    I need a list

    from Maiden's longest to shortest song?
  15. Black Thunder

    Favorite single word song?

    So? Mine would be Paschendale
  16. Black Thunder

    Guess The Song (Maiden)

    the idea was to post a picture and then others will have to guess by the hand of the picture to which lyrics it is referring to, from maiden of course. so quickly the rules. 1) Don't follow the link of the picture, it can give to much infromation. rename the picture if you post it and then...
  17. Black Thunder

    Iron Maiden Quiz

    Ehm, so Rules are: 1) I am host, one and only, I you want to be a host, ask me. 2) There are four rounds, after each round, one person is eliminated 3) Rules are different in every round, I will say the Rules in Round I when we begin it (get five contestants) First, I need 5 Contestants to...
  18. Black Thunder

    Song Elimination Thread

    Okay, you subtract one point from one song and add one point to other song, until one song remains, same as Album elimination thread. Prowler - 10 Remember Tomorrow - 10 Running Free - 10 Phantom of the Opera - 10 Transilvania - 10 Strange World - 10 Sanctuary - 10 Charlotte the Harlot - 10...
  19. Black Thunder

    Song Tournament

    Well, not really tournament. Name your 10 fav (Maiden) songs. Song on 1st place will get 10 points, 2nd 9 points and so on. When Song Reaches 100 points, she wins. You can even subtract points by naming you worst 10 songs (1st song - -10 points, 2nd - -9 points). Clear?
  20. Black Thunder

    From Best to Worst song on every album

    This may take a while... Iron Maiden 1. Strange World (Best) 2. Running Free 3. Remember Tomorrow 4. Charlotte the Harlot 5. Iron Maiden 6. Phantom of the Opera 7. Prowler 8. Sanctuary 9. Transilvania (Worst) Killers 1. Murders in a Rue Morgue 2. Wrathchild 3. Twilight Zone 4. Purgatory 5...