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  1. Hottysmiff

    Looking Forward to the new Bruce solo album?

    Personally I am, yes! Iron Maiden haven’t even hit the road yet in support of their recently released The Book of Souls album, but singer Bruce Dickinson has already started on his next solo project. Dickinson revealed his plans to Classic Rock magazine, saying he’s already got “half an album”...
  2. Hottysmiff

    Didn't think Bruce was interested in football ... ool-napoli
  3. Hottysmiff

    Kevin's diary coming to

    Just been on Kevin Shirley's website, he says his diary through the making of TFF is being posted on soon. Looking forward to it.  :)
  4. Hottysmiff

    Best Of tour after Final Frontier tour

    Some hints to the future in this good interview with Bruce.... ... e-top.html
  5. Hottysmiff

    Renegades of Rock: New Maiden interview

    Do enjoy ... ds-newsxml
  6. Hottysmiff

    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    Hi, does anyone have a scan of the review of Final Frontier in Kerrang or can you point me in the direction of one? If so, many thanks.  :)
  7. Hottysmiff

    End of Days - lost Maiden song?

    Hi all, I came across this yesterday and I want someone to check this out or tell me if my hearing is terrible. On the Rock in Rio dvd, the bonus disc where it has the guys going through what they do on their days off, there is a hidden clip of Kevin Shirley, only about 15 seconds long, and he...
  8. Hottysmiff

    Bruce Kerrang Interview 9th June issue

    Did anyone read the interview with Bruce in the 9th June issue of Kerrang? If so, what did he have to say? :shred: