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  1. Babo 91

    Bruce's vocals

    The thing that shocked me most about this album was how strong Bruce's voice is. It's been 5 years since the final frontier and I was honestly expecting his voice to decline slightly and thought they would write more melodies in a lower register, but the opposite is true. In my opinion Bruce...
  2. Babo 91

    Bruce in new 20 minute airline safety video
  3. Babo 91

    Vote for Maiden ( Revolver golden gods 2011 ) Maiden are nominated 4 times. Would be nice for them to win this as its voted by fans.
  4. Babo 91

    Bruce Dickinson - Nights with alice cooper interview bruce talks a bit about the set list next year and plans for a dvd as well as talking about last years tour.
  5. Babo 91

    Joined a band but they dont know any theory

    I recently joined a metal band as a bass player as they have already got 2 guitarists but they never seem to play in a particular key which means sometimes it sounds good but it can also sound really bad and they sometimes have problems with deciding what chords or bass should be played. they do...
  6. Babo 91

    Thinking of changing all my gear. Advice needed

    I currently have a - line 6 spider 4 15 watt amp ( i think this amp sucks. dont buy it EVER) - Ibanez grg170dxl guitar - Boss ds1 distortion pedal I have been playing for about 7 months and have been practicing on average about 4 hours a day. But i am no longer satisfied with my sound. My...
  7. Babo 91

    Tour dates to be confirmed on tuesday

    By the looks of things, maiden will officially announce tour dates for australia and indonesia etc on tuesday at 6pm GMT. IRONMAIDEN.COM
  8. Babo 91

    Venue for Maidens final show

    I was thinking of a suitable venue for maidens final show ( :() and the best one i could come up with was londons wembley arena. Its on home soil and its in the city where it all began. Its a large venue as well. Anyone got any better ideas
  9. Babo 91

    The Michael Kenney appreciation thread

    Thought this would be a bit of fun Thanks michael for your awesome keyboard playing over the years and for the great job you do as steves bass tech :yey:
  10. Babo 91

    Correct way to play hallowed be thy name riff

    On most tabs i see this D                          4                                                                4 G      4 5 4 5 7 5 4        5 4 5 4                            4      4 5 4 7        5 4 5 4 A  7                                          7                  7      7   ...
  11. Babo 91

    Maiden songs that AREN'T in the key of E natural minor

    It seems like most of the maiden songs I have learnt or are learning are in the key of e minor for either the whole song or most of it. The only songs that i have learnt that aren't in that key are LOTLDR, isle of avalon and Number of the beast. Kepp in mind that I have not looked at the music...
  12. Babo 91

    A quick question.

    I understand that Number of the best was written in the key of D minor which conists of D  E  F  G  A  Bb  C  D. I noticed that there are B notes in the intro riff and verse riff. Is the song in a different key or is there something I don't understand, i have ony been studying music theory for...
  13. Babo 91

    Which guitarist would most want to hear an instrumental album from ?

    I picked murray becasue we havn't really heard anyhting from him outside of maiden whereas Janick and H have had plenty of projects in the past.
  14. Babo 91

    Good guitar to buy ?

    Been playing for a few months on my rubbish encore strat. Its battered and its starting to sound rubbish. I've been looking at a few guitars including the fender squire which apprently is excellent value for money. I would like a guitar that is good for playing rock/metal. My price range is...
  15. Babo 91

    Any tips for guitarists ?

    I have been playing guitar for about 4 months, I have basic knowlege of music theory, Can play quite a few chords and have learnt run to the hills w/o solo and blood brothers with janicks solo. I can play a lot of maiden riffs and melodies and im currenly trying to learn the trooper solos  I am...
  16. Babo 91

    Radio interview with Bruce (spoiler in audio) ... n_Session/ The interview starts at roughly the one hour mark. Bruce and Adrian talk about the tour and their upcoming Sonisphere show. Be aware, there is a song spoiler for the new album in the interview.
  17. Babo 91

    Most anticipated songs

    Obviously we are anticipating every song from the new album but based on rumoured song credits, titles or reviews, Which three songs are you looking forward to hearing the most?
  18. Babo 91

    Satellite 15.. The Final Frontier

    Video comes out in just 4 days. I think it's maidens longest single to date. I can't make out what the guy is saying on the teaser trailer but that guitar riff sounds awesome and eddie looks great.