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  1. RLonger

    VOTE for Maiden - Planet Rock Awards 2019.

    Maiden was nominated for annual Planet Rock Radio Awards 2019 in two categories. VOTE for them, please, share the link with your friends and social media. Maiden well deserved nomination and award for 2018 achievements...
  2. RLonger

    Published tour statistics – Iron Maiden aren’t the most accurate band in the world?:)

    I’m deeply into the concert statistics, record sales or so, just noticed Iron Maiden seemed not to be the most accurate band in the world in terms of running statistics calculations. Published on the 24th July 2018 press release states a.o: “Since the opening night in Tallinn, Estonia at the...
  3. RLonger

    Iron Maiden & Clive Burr Legacy - brand new FB site!!!

    I’d like to invite you to visit and LIKE my new "Maiden – refering" FB site. Iron Maiden & Clive Burr Legacy is the virtual realm for Iron Maiden maniax worldwide, dedicated people who support and adore in the grace one of the biggest and most influential rock & metal bands in the history...