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  1. Murder89

    Metal websites/zines from North and South America?

    I've been asked from a band called Archemoron - my brother happens to be playing solos for them :)(hope it's the right place to post this.) - to find metal websites, webzines, and magazines from these parts of the world. They are playing epic black metal and their new album Sulphur and Fire is...
  2. Murder89

    Worst metal albums of 2010

    Ahem.. I know it may sound weird but I'm trying to fill in a list about albums released in 2010.I'm having trouble filling in the worst albums of the year. I have a couple in mind but I need more.So I want each one of you tell me 2-3(it's even better if you got a top-10 list  :D) really awful...
  3. Murder89

    Andre Matos, Uli Kusch, Timo Tolkki forming a new band called SYMFONIA!!!

    WOW!!! They are about to start recording - if they haven't already started - their debut album which will be out in Spring 2011. I think they have the potential to create some great music even though these so-called supergroups don't always turn out to be that super. I'm really looking forward...
  4. Murder89

    Anyone knows the name of the song?

    Here is the track . Does anyone know the name and artist of the song that Jeff is singing after 7:45 ??? I've been searching for some time but I've found nothing.