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    Alternate cut

    Just as a mental exercise, I've been thinking about trying to make an "alternate cut" of this album, AKA change some songs to see what might have been. The easiest problem to fix right off the bat is to include Virus as the second song, and replace TAATG with it's single version. I thought about...
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    Iron Maiden london tour! (not realy)

    So, it seems I'll be spending a week in london during september. I really want to do some Maiden sightseeing. If I have one day, Which Maiden related landmarks should I visit? EDIT: Bah, spelling error in the thread name. Edit doesn't offer me the option to change it.
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    Iron Maiden songs turned into lullabies! ... lullabies/ That's actually kinda funny.
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    Well that's it.

    I shaved, I got a haircut and I look like crap. Tommorrow at 9pm I'm army property. It's 6 months of the course, and then it's basic training for several weeks, 3 years of service and 2.5 years more as an employee. For the next 6 months I'll only return home on the weekends, so I'll only post...
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    160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes This is possibly the best video ever made.
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    It's seems like a pretty Wasted day...

    But it's not! Happy birthday Wasted! :shred: :edmetal: :rocker: :edmetal: :shred: ^The usual smiley brigade.
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    Guess who's birthday it is today!

    Happy birthday Janick gers! :shred: :edmetal: :shred: :edmetal:  :shred: :rocker:  :shred: :edmetal: :shred: :edmetal: :shred:
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    V-picks and pick slipping.

    I got my V-picks today. One large, really flart shredding one. One medium sized medium witdh one. One large, 2.75 mm width Screamer one. Now, the main reason I bought these is because they say that these can't slip: and that's a huge thing for me, I have to readjust every 5 seconds when I'm...
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    D# on The BBC Archives?

    So I noticed that on the first 4 songs on The BBC Archives the band is all tuned to D#. That's pretty uncharacteristic for Maiden, I thought I'd point that out.
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    Iron Maiden on American Idol A part of my just died. (Although it's not that bad of a cover)
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    Just listened to Nodding Donkey Blues for the first time.

    My god. Never would've thought there'd be a maiden song with the words "tits" and "rug" in them. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Funny's good, but what the fuck.
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    Maiden ringtones

    Just got myself a new cell phone, it's my first ever. I wanted to know if there's a site for free ringtones. I made one from TFF but I don't feel like doing that each time I want a new one.
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    Final Frontier album tabs

    It's amazing! The album's only a couple of weeks old and already all of the songs have tabs. And they are pretty good too! The only thing missing is The Talisman. Pretty easy on most cases but some parts are harder. Anyone have tabs for this song?
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    Mission Edition VS. Regular?

    So I got the Mission Edition, but I'm getting second thoughts. I mean, the box is not special at all, doesn't even have a standart CD holder inside. I thought for some reason it just came inside the tin box and you could use it regularly like the sleeve on AMOLAD. There's no writing on the side...
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    The holy book.

    Yeah, I'm talking about "the" holy book. Of guitar techniques. Lame joke aside, I need a book for guitarists that have great explanations and drills for intermediate guitarists. Something that'll make me a pro if I try hard enough. I have the enthusiasm, I just lack the guidance. Another...
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    Maiden T-Shirts!

    I'll be in new york for a week 2 weeks from now. Dows anyone know of a specific shop that sells Maiden shirts in Manhattan? If it matters, I need really large shirts. I guess it's kind of a petty issue to open a thread for, so this might as well be a place to post what you have. I have 2(that...
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    Some theory help about a chord progression.

    So there's this song that I can't figure out. It goes: A7 Dm7 G7 C F7 Bdim7 E7 Am That's half of the chorus. I can bring the rest of the song, but it gets even worse in the verses, shifting from key to key without mercy.
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    The Mavi Marmara incident. This is an outrage. We did well beyond what was required of us untill we opened fire, they almost lynched us. This could've ended alot worse. Some countries still think they were peace activists. Sure, every peace activists boat has hundreds...
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    Ren and Stimpy end theme cover Why the hell not, it's my first recording ever. I think it went well. I played along the guitar pro file.
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    Really hard songs!

    Wolf by Iced Earth - This song has -insane- galloping. I've been practicing for months(well not really, here and there for months ::)) and I can't play it full speed. I tried down tuning the way they do, and it's a easier, and I changed my pick to a lighter pick, and I think I made a big...