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  1. Donner

    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    I just want something new-ish that isn't a vinyl repress or a beer. My standards have been lowered, 2020 style.
  2. Donner

    Grave Digger

    It really seems that Grave Digger needs an epic theme to get the most of out them. I'd say this is easily their best album since probably Ballads of a Hangmen. I'm actually really surprised at how great it is as I've found pretty much everything since Ritt has joined the band pretty disappointing.
  3. Donner

    Blind Guardian

    This album reminds me a lot of Dream Theater's Astonishing in the way that I can tell a lot of work went into it but after a few spins I basically have zero desire to ever listen to it again.
  4. Donner

    Maiden albums you can’t get into?

    Virtual XI is the only one I never listen to.
  5. Donner

    Talking Maiden : The Podcast of the Beast

    Awesome podcast - really look forward to listening to this every Friday morning. Keep up the awesome work!
  6. Donner

    2015 Remasters on CD

    I bought all of the remasters via Amazon here in the US and all of mine are glossy aside from Number of the Beast and Piece of Mind. I have no idea why and it's kinda weird - seems like there was some inconsistencies in the packaging for that first set.
  7. Donner


    For what it's worth, the folks in my section (102) were going apeshit the whole night, probably the most fun crowd I've experienced at a Maiden show in a long time. You could tell lots of folks had been waiting years (I don't believe Maiden has played Pittsburgh since 2010) to see them again...
  8. Donner


    Saw the show in Pittsburgh on Saturday and of the shows I've seen this year (Bristow and Philly) this was by far the best performance. Just amazing on all levels.
  9. Donner

    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    I always thought the end of the year was a no-no for new releases. I honestly can't think of many big ones that come out after November for the most part. Although that is obviously not at all scientific in any way, I could be mistaken. I can't see Maiden just plopping an album out. They'll...
  10. Donner


    I figured they rotate the Trooper backdrop because the other one, the Riggs Trooper, is already stashed away for the next stage set. I can't recall them using the same exact backdrop on tours in a row. I've seen two shows so far this tour - Bristow (fellow VA resident here) and Philly and...
  11. Donner


    I'm surprised nobody mentioned Bruce going off meter quite a lot during the VA show - I can't recall seeing him do that much before. Show was great as always. From where I was FTGGOG kinda killed the momentum a bit and it doesn't help that there's no real stage bells and whistles during that...
  12. Donner


    I'm 40 and am seeing a few shows this summer with my Dad - it's a real amazing experience at any age. I can't believe the tour is almost here. It feels like I bought my tickets years ago. Can't wait!
  13. Donner


    It feels different because it's the first "retro" tour since really Give me 'Ed that's not based almost entirely on a previous stage set or group of songs. And that tour was pretty much before live albums after every (album) tour were pretty much a guarantee. That being said, two new releases...
  14. Donner

    Iron Maiden's Last Ever Show

    "Good night and farewell from Iron Maiden, Eddie and the boys".
  15. Donner

    Atlantean Kodex

    I love this band as well, have ever since I got their The Pnakotic Demos back in 07. Their first two full lenghts are incredible and I fully expect anything new to be amazing as well. Awesome band.
  16. Donner

    Raising Hell video [1993]

    I remember buying this on PPV back in 93. I watched it a ton back then, but the performance for me really doesn't hold up and the magic parts were always lame. I recall some of the camera work being different when comparing between the home video and what I saw (and taped to VHS). I can't...
  17. Donner

    Worst 21st Century Maiden Song

    Chronological order - Dream of Mirrors - never cared for this song, or the crazy amounts of ridiculous repetition Gates of Tomorrow - alright New Frontier - alright Pass the Jam - shouldn't really be on this list but since it is gets my vote More Tea Vicar - same Mother of Mercy - worst one...
  18. Donner

    Your Maiden blasphemy

    My major problem with Final Frontier in addition to the production and less than stellar vocal performances is how few twin harmony guitar parts there are. Aside from, oddly enough, The Alchemist and The Talisman there are barely any twin lead parts. Those were all over AMOLAD and thankfully...
  19. Donner

    License Plates MAIDEN

    My Virginia plates are 1RMAIDN - best combo I could get when I got them 6-ish years ago.
  20. Donner


    Tickets purchased this morning for DC (VA really, it's 30 friggen miles from DC), Philly and Pittsburgh. Now to wait 8 months.