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  1. Kalata

    GREATEST METAL ALBUM CUP - League 2: Maidenfans Metal League Championship Matches 1-4 (Updated Mar 8)

    For Megadeth I think I'd call ''Washington Is Next!'' with this phrase.
  2. Kalata

    Best Murray/Harris Song

    For me it is ''Deja-Vu'' One of the most melodic songs that I've ever heard. A true gem!
  3. Kalata

    Black Sabbath

    Good song. Great find! :ok: I would have liked this song to be in the Heaven And Hell album. Another great album probably in the same direction as the previous two (definitely not in the style of Dehumanizer).
  4. Kalata

    Favourite song made by the awesome trio that is Smith/Dickinson/Harris

    All songs are great - the songwriting team Smith/Dickinson/Harris always deliver. I voted for ''The Wicker Man'' (TETMD is on close second). The other songs made by this songwriting team are: Die With Your Boots On El Dorado Coming Home Starblind - TBOS is the only album since the reunion...
  5. Kalata

    Judas Priest

  6. Kalata

    Best Smith/ Harris Track

    I voted for ''Different World'' (The Prisoner, The Fallen Angel and Paschendale are next on the list). The other Smith/Harris songs after 2006 are: Satellite 15... The Final Frontier Mother Of Mercy Isle Of Avalon The Great Unknown When The River Runs Deep Tears Of A Clown
  7. Kalata

    Legacy Of The Beast 2021

    This is a very likely scenario. Or they will hold the album back until they can tour again (2022 is the earliest for that... let's hope). It has another variant: they want to do the 3rd (and final) leg of LOTB tour - with the Download Festival announcement and if they confirm RIR for next year...
  8. Kalata

    GREATEST METAL ALBUM CUP - League 2: Maidenfans Metal League Championship Matches 1-4 (Updated Mar 8)

    The album gets the high praise rightfully so.
  9. Kalata

    (Co-)written Dickinson songs of the nineties

    I voted for ''Be Quick Or Be Dead'' (Wasting Love, BYD... TTS and JBMG are all on close second).
  10. Kalata

    GREATEST METAL ALBUM CUP - League 2: Maidenfans Metal League Championship Matches 1-4 (Updated Mar 8)

    An instant classic! All songs are great (the only no so good song is ''Flame Thrower'', if I have to pick one). I think it's really impressive that they managed to release such a fantastic album so late in their career - I rate it at #3 (right after Painkiller and DOTF). The album contains three...
  11. Kalata

    GREATEST METAL ALBUM CUP - League 2: Maidenfans Metal League Championship Matches 1-4 (Updated Mar 8)

    ....:huh: Firepower is a modern classic for Priest and one of their all time best albums. Not a single bad song. Totally deserves this spot IMO.
  12. Kalata

    Maiden - Legacy of the Beast game Eddies

    UPDATE !!! Magus Merlin Eddie - related to the theme of the song Isle Of Avalon.
  13. Kalata

    The Book of the Final Frontier

    CD 1 1.The Final Frontier 2.The Red And The Black 3.Speed Of Light 4.Isle Of Avalon 5.The Book Of Souls CD 2 6.Death Or Glory 7.Starblind 8.Shadows Of The Valley 9.Coming Home 10.The Talisman bonus songs: WTWWB, The Alchemist, IESF and EOTC. | ...This was a lot harder than I thought.
  14. Kalata

    Still firing on all cylinders ...

    Happy Birthday!
  15. Kalata

    Judas Priest Discography Discussion (part 2 starting page 20)

    I always thought that the twin-lead guitar harmony after the solos in the Priest song ''Deal With The Devil'' (2:56-3:03) sounds like an essential harmony of Maiden... this is not surprising since Roy Z co-wrote that song (along with Rob, Glenn and K.K.). He is also the producer of the Angel Of...
  16. Kalata

    Iron Maiden Download Festival 2022 confirmed

    If they keep the routine of releasing the albums like that - (DOD-AMOLAD: 3 years | AMOLAD-TFF: 4 years | TFF-TBOS: 5 years | TBOS-.... 6 years in 2021), we might get the album this year. :blush:
  17. Kalata

    Bruce Dickinson

    The title track of Bruce's solo album form 2005 is listed as ''A Tyranny Of Souls'' (in Wikipedia) and ''Tyranny Of Souls'' (on the back of the CD) - which is true? The album is called TOS, so probably the latter.... ...although, (for example) the album is called The Chemical Wedding but the...
  18. Kalata

    Iron Maiden Download Festival 2022 confirmed

    With the announcements of RIR and Download, it seems that these shows are planned for the album tour (the press release from the band says nothing about LOTB tour and I doubt they will play RIR with the same tour), but who knows... It could be the 3rd (planned for 2020) leg of LOTB. With no...
  19. Kalata

    Iron Maiden Download Festival 2022 confirmed

    Something curious: according to Bruce, Maiden's wish was to play Donington/Download Festival in every decade since the 80's: ''Download 2020 would have been Maiden’s seventh time headlining here. So we are delighted to be invited back and fulfil our ambition of playing Donington Park in every...
  20. Kalata

    Best ten Classic Heavy/ Power Metal records of each era (besides the "big 6")

    I'll start from 1974 onward: 1974 to 1979: KISS - Kiss KISS - Hotter Than Hell KISS - Dressed To Kill KISS - Destroyer KISS - Rock And Roll Over KISS - Love Gun Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Rainbow - Rising Rainbow - Long Live Rock 'N' Roll Scorpions - Lovedrive 1980 to 1989: DIO -...