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  1. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    Wildest Dreams

    Near the bottom of the Maiden catalogue. Bland and overall pretty generic both musically and lyrically. 4/10
  2. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    Worst Iron Maiden Song

    I Live My Way. I mean come on, I could have written that.
  3. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    What's Your Least Favorite Maiden Song?

    Drifter. Don't remember a note of it, but hated it every time I listened.
  4. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

    Great song. The lyrics feel sort of awkward in relation to the music at times, but that's true with a lot of Steve's tracks. Great lyrics, soaring vocals and an amazingly beautiful instrumental section. 10/10
  5. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    Out of the Silent Planet

    Weak and unnecessary opening minute, followed by a decent but generic rocker. Bruce's lyrics save it somewhat. 6/10
  6. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    The Nomad

    The eastern melodies and beautiful (if lifted) instrumental section are great. Don't care for the over the top and unnecessary second chorus. 8/10
  7. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    The Fallen Angel

    Some really cool lyrics here, and Adrian's riff is savage. However, the song is too short to be repetitious, which I tolerate much better on longer tracks. 8/10
  8. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    Dream of Mirrors

    Amazing song. Great lyrics, and amazing soloing. I wish the "Have you ever felt..." and "The dream is true" vocals were removed, as I find the what the guitars are doing more interesting in those parts. Doesn't really detract from the song though. 10/10
  9. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    The Mercenary

    Generic Maiden track. Chorus is too repetitious, and nothing really stands out overall, besides the opening riff. Good song though. 7/10
  10. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    Blood Brothers

    Perfect track. Emotional lyrics from Steve and great melodies throughout. Soloing phenomenal. 10/10
  11. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    Brave New World

    Some of the best lyrics from Bruce, along with amazing melodies and soloing. I don't mind the chorus being repetitious. 9/10
  12. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    Ghost of the Navigator

    Great guitar melodies and poetic lyrics from Bruce. One of the solos towards the end is too generic and simplistic for my liking. 9/10
  13. ThisAintNoFairyTale

    The Wicker Man

    Great track. Excellent riffs and solos, phenomenal vocals from Bruce as usual. Bass is a little too high for my liking in the pre-chorus. 9/10