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  1. Maidenfreak

    Freaky's spring sale

    Just posted this on the IMOC, thought someone on here might be interested as well. I've just gone through my collection and found some stuff I'd like to part with. Here is a list of what I have on offer at the moment: 7" (looking at 10 Euros each) Infinite Dreams EMS 117 UK - sealed, with...
  2. Maidenfreak

    Nomad Soul - Pale Horizons ORDER NOW!!!

    Well well, boys and girls!!!! After a year of frustration, desperation, business crap and being closer to insanity than ever before I can finally announce that our first album is about to be released soon OUT NOW!!!! For all of you new guys who don't know what I'm talking about...
  3. Maidenfreak

    Four of us at a Maiden gig

    Hi guys, I just thought I'd share this with the community (and especially with Per and Sneaky, as I hardly get to see them online) It's from left to right: Sneaky, Perun, National Acrobat and my humble self at the Maiden gig in Düsseldorf! We had a real blast there :) Per and Nush were staying...
  4. Maidenfreak

    Rime of Billy Bunter = Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

    The presskit shows it. At 00:42 we can see the track chart. and R.O.B.B. has "ime f illy unter" added to the abbreviation. So is Reincarnation the song about the novellist Janick loves so much? Sounds weird to me, but that's what you get when you put 1 and 1 together here... Discuss ;)
  5. Maidenfreak

    german Metal Hammer review

    Hi, here's the new album review of german's Metal Hammer, as translated by yours truly ;) A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH 1. ‘Different World’ (Smith/Harris) 4:17 Min. The straightest song on the album: In the same line as ‘The Wickerman’, this song shines with a catchy childsong-chorus similar...
  6. Maidenfreak


    there we are then! It took me only 4 years to reach the postcount of the Beast! Let's celebrate! Sacrifice for everyone... if you don't like sacrif, you can have vanilla as well!  :wacko:
  7. Maidenfreak

    release date: August 25th confirmed

    I just got the new EMP (german merchandise dealer) magazine, and look what I "found": so it's going to be a late August release after all (Not that any of you still had doubts about it ;) ) Looking forward to it!
  8. Maidenfreak

    Happy Birthday Mr. Harris!

    Even if some people will call me an insane stalker, I thought we should show some appreciation and send good wishes to Mr. Iron Maiden. (After all, who else should have started that thread on here? [img src=\"style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/wink.gif\" style=\"vertical-align:middle\" emoid=\";)\"...
  9. Maidenfreak

    Pimp Your Eddie's Head Boxset

    Hi there! A few words about this little "project": I was talking to Perun the other day, showing him pics of my renovated room. He liked it, but couldn't help to mention how ugly the Eddie's Head boxset was. (I had to nick that pic from Maidenaustria, as I couldn't find of mine in this...
  10. Maidenfreak

    my dream is finished (Now with sound sample!)

    Hey there! Some of you have already seen (or heard, or both!) my new treasure, but I never managed to tell the rest of you that my Steve bass is actually finished (well, nearly, it's only missing a proper mirror pickguard now, but I'll get that very soon!), as I didn't have a digicam to take...
  11. Maidenfreak

    Maiden still with Blaze ?!?

    Well well, here it is, the first official merchandise from the parallel universe Iron Maiden [a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\']WHAT IS REAL? FUTUREAL!![/a]
  12. Maidenfreak

    question about tour merchandise

    Hi there! I've got a question to all of you who have been to a Gig already. I'd like to know what kind of merchandise the guys are selling and what they take for it. What about the tourshirt, which design did they chose and what is the price? And what else can I get - is the football jersey...
  13. Maidenfreak

    a funny birthday present!

    Hi you all! I had a brilliant birthday barbecue yesterday with all my friends. It was really really good, with lots of fun, lots of Maiden and lots of food, too [!--emo&:D--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/biggrin.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'biggrin.gif\'...
  14. Maidenfreak

    Maiden Merlin tradingcards

    This is to all the insane collectors out there: I'm a bit bored right now so I thought I could start this topic. I'm sure some of you have heard about the Maiden "trading card" series Merlin released in 1996. I have quite a few, but I'm still missing some. Here's a list of my spare cards and a...
  15. Maidenfreak

    Just a picture of me at our gig last friday

    Hey there - had another blistering gig with my band Axis Of Evil last friday. My friend brought me the pics he took today and I found this little gem: [img src=\'\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' /] I found it quite funny and thought I might share it...
  16. Maidenfreak

    Maiden collections!

    Hey there. Some of you might remember the picture of my collection I did last year in January. Well, I wanted to do the same this year, but I couldn't fit all the stuff on one picture, so I made a few more. You can see them by clicking [a...
  17. Maidenfreak

    a maiden new year ?!

    Hey guys and girls, just wanted to share with you what I found in all the rubbish around my workplace: [img src=\'\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' /] it seems like Maiden are everywhere I go... or I'm simply paranoid. Whatever...
  18. Maidenfreak

    a "new" Blaze interview

    Hello guys and girls. I finally got my lazy arse up to write down that interview I did with Mr. Bayley about 2 years ago, and I even added some little soundbytes for you - so if you want to waste (?) some of your time, go [a href=\'\'...
  19. Maidenfreak

    a pic of my Sooty

    Hey guys n girls, some of you might have read about the Sooty I got as a b-day present two weeks ago. Well, here's a pic for all of you to check it out: [img src=\'\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' /]
  20. Maidenfreak

    tons of Eddie sketches...

    Hello guys and girls! It's me again - I've been goin through my school notes from the last three years lately, because I had to prepare myself for my a-levels. I found alot of my "famous" Eddie sketches there, some are cool, some are weird, some are crap even, but I thought I might share them...