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    Guilty pleasures

    Despite me being a metalhead I do admit I love the uptempo pop/dance tunes of the 1980's and here's one of my all time top favorite guilty pleasures, the song is Afternoon Delights's "General Hospi-tale"
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    Who are your Top 5 guitarists of all time

    in no particular order Tony Iommi Ritchie Blackmore Steve Hillage Dave Gilmour Randy Rhoads
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    Heaven Can Wait

    I don't understand why people are a bit hard on this song, I personally think this song is a classic and one of the best Steve Harris penned songs and ranked among my Top 10 favorite Maiden songs, I give "Heaven" a 10/10
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    Caught Somewhere In Time

    It's a very good song but not in the league as the three Adrian Smith songs and "Heaven Can Wait" (don't understand why people dislike that song), I agree the chorus on this song isn't the best but the verses and the solos were great, overall I give "CSIT" an 8/10
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    Man on the Edge

    It's an above average song overall because I really like the verses and the uptempo feel of the song but the chorus can get a little annoying when Blaze sings "Falling Down" repeatedly, I give it a 6/10 due to the strong verses.
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    Worst Iron Maiden Song

    The Iron Maiden tunes I dislike the most are "The Appiration", "Weekend Warriors", "Virus" and the bridge section of "Fear Is The Key" (the rest of the song is very good IMO).
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    What's Your Least Favorite Maiden Song?

    My vote for my least favorite Maiden songs are "The Appiration", "Weekend Warriors" and "Virus", I don't get the hatred people have for "Back In The Village" which is IMO one of their underrated songs.
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    Weekend Warrior

    a 5/10, not really too fond of this song, can't remember the verses and always found the chorus to be annoying, I'm surprised this is a Harris penned tune when I've always assumed this was a Dickinson penned tune.
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    Chains of Misery

    I give "Chains Of Misery" a 7/10, I don't get the hatred people have for this song, while I hardly consider it to be a great song but I enjoy it due to it being a catchy song with a good sing a long chorus.
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    Afraid to Shoot Strangers

    10/10, one of the best of the later era Iron Maiden tunes and one of their more underrated gems.
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    What Iron Maiden song you heard first?

    "The Number Of The Beast", totally blew me away, I wanted to get into Maiden and grabbed one of their compilation albums and that was the first song off of the album, this was back in early 2001
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    Iron Maiden songs that you flat out dislike?

    There aren't too many Maiden songs I dislike but the ones I dislike the most are "The Appiration", "Virus" and "Weekend Warrior"
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    The Duellists

    I give this song an 8/10, the instrumental section in the middle drags on a little longer than my preference but I do love the verses and the chorus.
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    Most depressing Maiden material

    "Virus" for some reason is a depressing song, especially the mellower parts of the song "Fear Is The Key" is also somewhat of a depressing song due to the lyrics and Bruce seems to be going through the motions with his vocal performance.
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    Bruce Dickinson vs. Axl Rose: who's the best?

    Easily Bruce Dickinson, I've never thought Axl Rose was that great of a singer, to me it's the other musicians that makes Guns 'N Roses a great band, Bruce Dickinson is among my Top 5 favorite hard rock/metal singers of all time.
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    Your Top 10 Maiden Songs

    1. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 2. Hallowed Be Thy Name 3. Powerslave 4. Revelations 5. Hallowed Be Thy Name 6. Stranger In A Strange Land 7. The Trooper 8. The Number Of The Beast (the very first Maiden song I've ever heard) 9. Wasted Years 10. Can I Play With Madness
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    10/10, this is my favorite non Harris penned Iron Maiden songs and in my Top 5 favorite Maiden songs of all time, I love how the song immediately grabs you on the first note.
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    Rime of the Ancient Mariner

    10/10 is what I'm allowed to rate this song since this is my all time favorite Iron Maiden song, if I could I'll gladly give this song a 100/10, at 13 and a half minutes this song never lets up, this song has everything I love in a metal/rock tune.
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    Aces High

    "Aces High" is one song I like better now than I did when I've first gotten into Maiden back in early 2001, Steve Harris is really on fire with his bass, I give the song a 9/10 (I originally gave the song a 6/10 when I've first heard of it).
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    Fear is the Key

    I always felt "Fear Is The Key" would've been a great song but like many said the part where Bruce sings "lies and lies and lies" was annoying and grating, I wish they would've left that part off the song, overall I give "Fear Is The Key" a 7/10.