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  1. Albie


    Wait, I don't see any thread in the music discussion titled Punk (I did look). Surely we like the odd bit of punk - well I do. Stiff Little Fingers. Great band and some really good early material. The Damned. More melodic and possibly the first UK punk band. Chron Gen. Subway Sadist...
  2. Albie

    Press in the UK

    I used to think Hugh Grant was a enjoyable person to see as he plays a posh buffoon on film time and time again. Now I see him as a complete prat that wants to stifle media in the UK. Fact of the matter is that we...
  3. Albie

    Maiden at the O2 6th August

    Doctor, Doctor The Final Frontier El Dorado 2 Minutes to Midnight The Talisman Coming Home Dance of Death The Trooper The Wicker Man Blood Brothers Wild Wind Blows The Evil That Men Do Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden Number of the Beast Hallowed be thy Name Running Free I don't think it came out...
  4. Albie

    Random Song: Muse - Knights of Cydonia

    The rule: The first user to reply to this thread should open the next Random Song Thread. If he/she doesn't want to do it, he/she should post: Next user can open the next thread. OK, so its not strictly metal in the true sense of the meaning, but I would deem this song an f'ing masterpiece. And...
  5. Albie

    Be a Warrior of Genghis Khan....

    ...and wish him Happy Birthday. :hbd:
  6. Albie

    Gary Moore - RIP

    Ex-Thin Lizzy (and the original Skid Row) guitarist Gary Moore has died this morning it has been reported. Source. Very sad news, not sure what happened but the news is still pretty fresh.
  7. Albie

    40 is the new 30!

    ...or so they1 say. :ok: Happy birthday cfh. :hbd: 1 Who are they, anyway?
  8. Albie

    Gratulera med dagen Yax

    Is that right? 'Ave a good one regardless. :hbd:
  9. Albie

    UK Elections

    As you most likely will be aware, the UK votes in the General Election next week and it has been touted as the most hotly contested elections for a long while. The main reason for this is the surge in popularity of the Lib Dems as people have taken to Nick Clegg since the first live TV Prime...
  10. Albie

    The Christmas number 1!

    It's quite the coveted thing, for those that care, and so many pop and novelty acts do their utmost to get it. But this year in the UK, it's a whole new ball game. The X Factor and Simon Cowell has yet again lined up the winner of the show to sing a crass ballad and marketed it to the hilt to...
  11. Albie

    Rock is dead!

    Or so said Paul Gambaccini on UK TV this morning. His reason for such a bold statement - "look what is in the charts at the moment, it's all electronic stuff." (or something like that). For that matter, he said Jazz was dead as well. Well, I have to disagree with him. Yes, he may have been a...
  12. Albie

    Penguins can fly

    Happy birthday Onhell. 'Ave a good one. :hbd:
  13. Albie

    A lesson to us all.

    Today, I read some rather distressing news that John Hartson has testicular cancer (read the article if you don't know who he is). Now, the thing is he was only diagnosed with this on Sunday just gone and it has spread to his brain and he has found out today it's in his lungs as well. The fact...
  14. Albie

    A small moment of embarrassment.

    You'd think that of all people the UK government would know how the Union Flag should be flown (albeit a small plastic one), but in signing a trade agreement with China in Downing Street, they had it placed upside down (Source). A little embarrassing, don't you think. :D OK, it might seem a...
  15. Albie

    Maiden brain teasers.

    Here I thought we could share some brain teasers and sort of adapt them to Maiden. So, to kick off I will start with one that was originally presented using the members of a rather famous Irish rock band - but I have altered it for maidenfans. Maiden have a gig they need to perform that...
  16. Albie


    So I have finally done it, something I have toyed with for a while - I have put Linux on my laptop. I started with Mandriva (formally Mandrake) 2008 Spring and then went on to Mandriva 2009 (not before a very brief flirtation with Fedora 2009). And I have to say, I sort of like it. I have not...
  17. Albie

    I'm winging it!

    Happy birthday EW. :hbd:
  18. Albie

    Saturday Night.

    So, there I was searching for a Flotsam & Jetsam video on youtube and found their cover of Saturday nights all right. And the related videos found a whole host of other bands that have covered this track, so who does the best one? Here are the contenders: Flotsam & Jetsam The Who Queen...
  19. Albie

    Attention all thread killers.....

    Let's beat him at his own game. :D Happy birthday Onhell. :hbd:
  20. Albie

    Thank God For Finland! - Part 2

    Yeap. They did it again in Eurovision. Finland once again decided to enter a Hard Rock/Metal act as their entry this year - but it failed almost as bad as the UK's entry. This time, they went for a band that was more metallic. Teräsbetoni - a classic metal band in the mould of Manowar with a...