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  1. lovey

    Bruce Dickinson

    same for me, too xx
  2. lovey

    Bruce beaing rude!?!

    pity. as for his language. i <3 it xx
  3. lovey

    Legacy Of The Beast 2021

    :blink: LEGACY does suggest it's possibly last 1. i now feel ill xx
  4. lovey

    Bruce Dickinson

    i know i shouldn't but i <3 this grew up loving blues, he should do a ton more xx
  5. lovey

    Empire Of The Clouds

    I love it. i did tear up. & i also hope it isn't the end for them.
  6. lovey

    The Red And The Black

    i don't care that it's ripped off. i <3 both songs, this one feels like being wrapped in glittering red & black smoke. THIS is why i came back to Maiden!! "I need somebody to save ME...."i love it that much. Also <3 'Avalon' xx
  7. lovey

    What kind of new release from Iron Maiden would you really, really want?

    Always preferred 'Out Of Your Mind' anyway. Now I'm thinking re Maiden covering 'Wannabe' xx
  8. lovey


    i love the version w/ Ian Anderson. The a capella 1st verse @ the book tour nearly made my legs collapse, it was great. xx
  9. lovey


    I love all this so i love your explanation, gor!! Bowel-loosening intro; love it. Also love the poem it comes from I also love your word “disformed” Maybe the hanged man is smiling due to relief. He’s dead, he doesn’t have to live in this horrible world that he hates anymore. I reckon it is...
  10. lovey

    Iron Maiden - artworks with Eddie

    i <3 this, Eddie is not supposed to be sweet tho. i <3 his confused face xx
  11. lovey

    No Prayer For the Dying

    n it's new 1 xx
  12. lovey

    'Nodding Donkey Blues'

    Thank you!! Love this, right up my street. i wish they'd let him finish said song before arresting him :(. i <3 blues, & always wondered what he'd be like singing it. I wish he'd do more than that. it also reminds me of my dearly departed collie xx
  13. lovey

    No Prayer For the Dying

    i'm sorry, i'm not sure. i'm looking for 1 myself :clap:xx
  14. lovey

    No Prayer For the Dying

    good advice. love it, it's a great album!! xx
  15. lovey

    Bruce Dickinson

    love his hair too, also webinar was interesting xx
  16. lovey

    Bruce Dickinson

    sorry xx
  17. lovey

    No Prayer For the Dying

    10/10 amazing xx
  18. lovey

    Bruce Dickinson

    I've been listening to a LOT of his solo stuff. & oh MY GOD IS HE GOOD!! Video for Abduction cracked me up. Is that woman doing what i think she is?? xx
  19. lovey

    Bruce Dickinson

    I love that blues song he did. he's good at singing blues. He should do more, he'd be great at it. i love his silver mane, he looks like a character from the fantasy novels i love so much. i love 'Abduction' the woman/alien/test-subject cracks me up. Is she electrified?? is she just writhing...